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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend catchup...

Boy Ginger had to work this past Saturday... he hasn't had to work weekend in a long time, and thankfully won't have to again for awhile! It was "Texas Tax Holiday", meaning retailers don't have to collect sales tax on clothing purchases under $100. Now, at America's Favorite Department Store, we often have sale and clearance events where we discount prices by 25%, 50%, up to 75% or more. But it always surprises me how people seem to come out of the woodwork to save 8.25%!!! And it's an ugly crowd, with lots of snotnosed kids running amuck. Ick!
Boy G decided to make the most of the situation and decided to give himself a project to keep himself busy and make the time go by faster. So, he decided to "shake down" the shoes stockrooms in his 2 largest stores. This would give him the opportunity to discover the nitty-gritty condition of the operations AND shop for bargain shoes for Miss Ginger at the same time! And so you know he found not one single pair for that picky bitch?! It doesn't help that she has gargantuan size 11 feet! He's so glad that project is over!

Then last night Miss G's "Little Britain" DVD's arrived!! Miss G LOVES her some Little Britain! The DVD player wasn't hooked up correctly, so Boy G spent hours reworking the AV setup, but now the wires are labeled, and stapled, and all is good in the world! Miss G stayed up till 3am giggling at that show and lusting after the cute one, David Walliams! He may be the cutest thing to come out of Britain since, well..... surely Great Britain has been responsible for SOMETHING cute I could use to finish this similie, but I think I need a little help here!
Anyho, today should prove to be a busy day as well! My yoga teacher, the Darlie Lama, is coming by to bring me some kefir grains. (More on kefir later!) And then, a group of us going to NOLA for Southern Decadance are meeting to discuss our group costume and drink vodka. More on that costume as well.

And I only have 4 days of work this week, then I leave for NYC to visit my darling sister DD!! I hope he takes me sightseeing like he did last time I was in NYC!!

I've given you plenty of links to keep you busy for a while! What were all you 'snaps up to this weekend?!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sorry you had to work on Saturday, and even sorrier that you could not find some size 11 pumps :o)

Have a great Sunday.

Dannelle said...

My grand daughter wears elevenises and they are hard to come by in chic wear!
OMG! ROCKMOSS!: A "Rolling Stone" gathers no rockmoss!

Kailyn said...

Now don't get too wild at The Urges.

Beth said...

Cute things out of England? Maybe not so much cute, except for Sir Paul McCartney, but sexy? Hell yeah! But then I like the bad boy rockers, so sexy is in the eye of the beholder. And judging by that picture, it's in the eye of DD! XOXO Beth

David Dust said...

I can't wait to see you! The Urges can't wait to serve you!!


Design Junkie said...

I was feeling sorry for you until I realized your life would soon be full of drunken dust bunnies and papis...I am so jealous

Joy said...

I'm going to another one of those monthly dinners at House Blend with friends and my son & family. We'll have a good meal and a great time visiting!

Joy said...

We have two of those tax-free weekends (fall and spring), which helps since our sales tax is so high. It's almost 10%!


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