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Monday, August 3, 2009

Miss Ginger Rates the Airports- 2009 Edition!

Everyone in Europe warned Miss G about Schipol Airport in Amsterdam- "leave early", they would all say. "The traffic into the airport is terrible". "You have miles to get to your gates." "The lines are atrocious!"
Uh, no. Schipol is the most convenient, well-designed aiport Miss G has ever seen, and it was quite easy to find her way around. We walked a couple of blocks from our hotel to the central train station, where we discovered that, due to an accident, the express train to Schipol was cancelled. But the "local" train only makes 2 other stops, so we got to Schipol in pretty much the same time anyway. Upon arrival, we were just a few steps from our respective check-in counters, and at my Continental counter there were 4 attedants waiting to greet me- no line at all! After check in, I breezed through passport control and quickly located the KLM Skyteam lounge that the girl at the counter directed me to.
I gotta say, this place makes the Continental lounge at Newark or IAH look like snowcone stand at the state fair! The place is HUGE- 5 times bigger than Continental's biggest lounges, and it's brand new and spotlessely clean! There's a breakfast buffet, self-serve cappuccino machines, and the liqour service is open bar- pour it yourself! As strong as you want! Miss G is has decided not to partake at this early hour, but it's kinda cool to know that she could if she wanted to! Miss G has about 30 minutes until boarding time, so she'd better get herself to the gate! More from Newark- maybe I'll have more pics or some video ready by then!


Dannelle said...

Didn't partake? Free breakfast and booze??? That diet is affecting you- lol
EVEYTHING Sounds wonderful glad you are VACATIONing in style!
SMOLT: To invoke a mental hit on the ass. I so smolt you because I am jealous!

Bob said...

Open bar--pour it yourself?

I may just move in!

miss alaineus said...

the people who were warning you about that airport have obviously never experienced the havoc of flying out of detroit metro into houston on the way to vancouver, bc. i was tempted to lie and tell the flight attendant i was an unattended minor so i could ride my lazy ass on that kid cart from one end of the terminal to the other when i had to go to gate 3,456 to catch my flight into BC.

oumis us, you know you do!!! (o-yoo-miss)
glad you had an awesome vacation...


Beth said...

Wow, too bad your flight wasn't a little later. After partaking in the open bar, you would have slept like a baby on your flight to Newark! Glad you had such a great time! XOXO

Dan said...

it sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time. I can not wait to see all the pictures!


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