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Monday, August 3, 2009

Home at Last!

Miss G is finally home from her travels, and glad to be back with the kitties again! She loves to travel, but it always feels good to get home! Especially that first shower, when you can wash the "airplane crud" off of you!
Miss G got up at 5am in Amsterdam. It's now 8pm in Houston. If Miss G is counting her fingers correctly, that means she's been up for 21 hours, with only a couple of minor catnaps on the plane! She's going to bed- but here's a little treat for you.


David Dust said...

What a lovely way to celebrate White Meat Monday.

Welcome home...


mistress maddie said...

I'm so glad your back and had such a lovely time! It looks like it was a FABULOUS trip to the red light district! And thank you for sharing the video of the hottie!

Beth said...

Mercy me.

Glad you made it home safely, and hope you can get some good sleep tonight! I'm sure Shelby and Jackson are very pleased to have you home! XOXO Beth

Zombie Mom said...

Welcome back baby!!!

BTW - I love him soooooo much- yummy! yummy! hottie!

Give a kiss to the kitties for me- my buddy cat Don Juan sends a sweet meow your way.

Great blog posts thanks.


PS. You are looking utterly fierce!

Howard said...

Bet you are thrilled to be home and to sleep in your own bed. You video boy-toy is just beautiful.

Bob said...

My goodness what a delicious looking man.
Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, although I am still picturing in head-to-toe styrofoam pillow pellets.

Dannelle said...

Happy you are safely tucked in your own bed, perhaps dreaming of your adventures! Cutey patootie!

Aurora said...

Welcome Home Ginger. I'm glad you traveled safely and made it back in one piece. I look forward to hearing some wonderful tales. Kisses!!

Coelha :B said...

Welcome home! :) Get some rest!! :)


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