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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Miss Ginger reenters her "Salad Days!"

No, unfortunately she did not discover some European elixer to restore her exhuberant youth! She did, however, rediscover her love for adult beverages and argentenian beef! (There seemed to be a "grille argentine" on every corner in Amsterdam!) So Miss G's love of booze and beef put back on a few of the pounds she worked so hard to lose!
Hence the salad days. She's made a big bowl of fat free cole slaw, and has refilled the crispers with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and all the fruits of summer!
A minor setback, not a total derailment!


miss alaineus said...

lol having one of those myself....but i think i can blame part of mine on pms bloat at least.

i am so glad you had an awesome work your tushie off and you deserve the r&r.


Zombie Mom said...

You will be fine- especially with that amazing attitude!!! I find the vacation weight comes right off... I am so glad you had a good trip.

Beth said...

I think you're allowed to indulge yourself when on vacation. You deserved the break, and now you're back on track. It's cool! XOXO

Wonder Man said...

you should be fine

Joy said...

You rock, Miss Ginger! I'll go look at your pictures on FB!

Mark in DE said...

Its to be expected when you are on vacation. If you did/ate the same things then it wouldn't be much of a vacation now, would it?


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