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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sometimes Life is Pretty Cool!

Boy Ginger has a pretty good gig right now- he has a Monday-Friday schedule, comfortable business travel, and a role where he feels like he makes a difference almost every day! (And he gets a discount on Miss G's FABULOUS wardrobe!) And he works for a reputable, progressive company that does some really cool things for the communities it serves. In our largest markets we sponsor parades, fashion shows, and family events that help us earn our customer's loyalty and respect.

This season, Macy's is kicking off a national campaign of which Miss Ginger is really proud to be a part! They are inviting the people of America to "Come + Together" and donate money to feed our nations' underpriviledged. The concept is quite clever, actually. Just throw a dinner party, but instead of a hostess gift, ask your guests to bring a donation for Feeding America, our nation's leading hunger relief charity. Macy's special "Come + Together" website offers party planning tools, menu suggestions, and even an online invitation builder to help you get started! After your party is complete, you can take the donations to your local Macy's store, and Macy's will process and MATCH your guests donations, dollar for dollar! How cool is that?! Together with their customers, Macy's will provide 10,000,000 meals for America's food banks!

We all eat every night, and pretty much take it for granted! How about participating in "Come + Together" and helping so many people who can't take a daily meal for granted?!!! You won't forget to do it, because Macy's most famous stars will be featured on our nationwide television commercials during your favorite shows, just to remind you! Miss Ginger is all about helping others, so she's going to be watching her mailbox for those invites! You'll all get yours after she's been through the party planner and decided on her theme!


Beth said...

If only I did dinner parties...I will plan on a contribution in another way! Neat idea, though, and good for Macy's! XOXO Beth

Michael Rivers said...

What a great cause! Keep us posted. Macys does such wonderful things.

miss alaineus said...

i will have to check this out- we typically raise between 3000-5000 cans in our november food drive. if we could even give 1000 cans to your gig we would make a huge dif (most of our stuff goes right to the parish food bank and to focus hope/ gleaners) what a good idea!


i am lucki to know you!

Bob said...

A great idea!
Especially now,helping people with things like food and basic household needs is where it's at--as the the kids say.....if this was still 1967!

Mark in DE said...

Its a great idea and great implementation! Kudos to Macy's for the matching funds.

Beth said...

oh Ginger...this is a fabulous idea! Good for Macy's!!! and I think I might just do this....


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