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Monday, August 31, 2009

A Tearful Goodbye to DD and NYC!

After another FABULOUS day in the Big Apple Miss Ginger left dear DD on the corner of 44th and 8th with a mist in her eye as she bid goodbye to her dear sister and the city that never sleeps!

It was a great day overall! Miss G started the day with brekkie at the hotel, then a walk to the mothership to check things out.

After everything passed inspection, she headed up 6th avenue to Bryant Park to make sure progress on the tent erection was progressing as planned. (She loves her a good tent erection!) Since those plans seemed to be firming up nicely, she decided to check out the sistership, Bloomingdale's, so she headed up 5th Avenue. On the way, she realized her brown plaid shorts were riding way too low since she has gotten too damn skinny, so she stopped into the Banana Republic near Rockefeller Center to buy a belt, and enjoyed her second celebrity (?) sighting of the trip!

Who should be browsing for a new pair of chinos but Bob Tuschman, Senior Vice President of Programming for the Food Network. Apparently, it's a pretty good gig, since he clearly doesn'twork on Monday afternoons, since he was out shopping in chino shorts and a t-shirt. He's such a cute little thing! Here's his high school yearbook picture!

After a quick spin through Bloomingdale's, Miss G navigated 3 subway changes to get herself to the Village, where she stopped by the Garage for still more delicious and well priced beverages! She decided to make a shopping tour of the village and found a great sale at Jack Spade where she picked up a beautiful leather bag for Boy G to carry his "stuff" to work!

After all that shopping, she twisted Mamie's arm to allow her to buy a birthday dinner for her dear, dear sister! We decided upon Centro Vinoteca, which happens to be the current "haunt" of Top Chef skank Leah Cohen, famous for schtupping Hose A Ya, the winner, all season long! We wanted SO BADLY to hate it, being the evil bitches that we are, but both had to admit the the food was delicious, the atmosphere delightful, and the service really top-notch! We also wanted to link to their website, but apparently Leah hasn't paid the bill, so instead I'll link to this review site, which makes it sound way more lesbonic than we found it to be!

After our delightful dinner, we ambled up 8th Avenue to the High Line, a park that has been created out of an abandonded elevated train track! What a beautiful and ingenious space!! It was a gorgeous night for such a jaunt, and many of the cities most lovely people were enoying the space as well!

We continued our wanderings through Chelsea, and before we knew it, we were approaching Midtown! The weather was so cool and comfortable, we decided to forego taxis and subways and walked the rest of the way to Time's Square, where we said our goodbye for this trip!

Miss G is SOOOOO happy to have a connection to New York, because she truly loves this city and really appreciates the chance to come and visit! She has every intention of returning in October for DDBW II !!!!


Michael Rivers said...

So glad you had fun! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

David Dust said...

Darling - it was an absolute pleasure. Thanks so much for the birthday dinner!!!

Look for my "recap" post tomorrow am. I even used some of the same phrases.

Have a safe trip. Love ya!!!



Beth said...

Wow, how many miles did you two walk?! Sounds like a wonderful time, and it really is an amazing city, isn't it? I've never felt such energy in any other city. Hugs, Beth

Joy said...

Thanks for taking us with you! I'll be there eventually! What fun!

mistress maddie said...

Girl, you should have bought a few linen hankies at the Pearl River Mart for those tears! It's good to get home but alaways sad to leave the city ain't it?

Bob said...

What a perfect end to a lovely weekend.
Sounds fantastic!

theminx said...

I ate at Centro Vinoteca before the skank took over. The meal was hit or miss. I'm glad you gals had a better experience! ;)

MadeInScotland said...

it is fun-we loved it too. I've been looking at bags lately too!

Dannelle said...

I love that you had the time of times (squared) and enjoyed the company of such elite personas! (DD, Maddie, etc.) I hate and envy you big time because I wish I was there!
Tuschiee-man? no way! Did you buy the same shorts?
Does checking out the STORE make the trip tax deductible?
Never quit letting us enjoy your life, some of us need it badly!

proical: I proically wet my pants wanting to be there!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you two had such good fun. Looking forward to hearing about your Octoberfest Visit :o)

Mark in DE said...

Glad you had a fab time, and also glad you are already making plans for DDBW2!! Now, how about the rest of you bitches???


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