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Monday, August 17, 2009

Help Elect Miss Ginger Grant!

No, she isn't going all political on your asses! It's not that sort of election, although I'm sure Miss Ginger could shake some things up a bit if she ran for office...

No, Miss Ginger is just hoping you'll vote for her as OutSmart Magazine's "Houston's Gayest and Greatest Drag Performer". Or "Houston's Gayest and Greatest Fund Raiser". Or "Houston's Gayest and Greatest Community Activist". Hell, she doesn't care if you write her in as "Houston's Gayest and Greatest Cocktail Whore!" She just wants to win!!
There's lots of other categories, if you feel like voting them all! And for you far-flung GingerSnaps out there who don't know much about H-town, just click on the graphic (or here) and vote for "Miss Ginger Grant" wherever it seems appropriate! And while you're at it, throw in "Legacy Community Health Services" for all the health and welfare stuff, "Krewe of Olympus- Texas, Inc." for the community organizations, and "Macy's" for all the places to shop!
IT'S WORTH YOUR TIME, 'cause there's a contest at the end! One lucky voter will win round trip airfare for 2 from Orbitz! So vote all those random email addresses you created to get all that free porn, and let's get us a winner!


mistress maddie said...

Girl, now you don't even ask to ask for the vote, it's yours! I'll give you my voye for sure and good luck tootes!

Joy said...

Will do! I'm there!

miss alaineus said...



Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Love this! Good luck!

David Dust said...


I also voted you for Best Chiropracter and Best Pizza (kidding!).


Beth said...

Done! Let us know how you do! LOL at David's comment!

Sam said...

Well you will be proud to know that you have 4 additional votes from those of you who love and adore you here. We all just voted for our all time greatest drag queen/Ho. Ms. Ginger
Good Luck Ho

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Voted, but have to admit, was not sure whether to vote for you as male or female, so went the male route [Beth laughed and echoed this comment when I asked her :o)]

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Wonder Man said...

will vote for you

Joy said...

Did you win?


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