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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is it just me....

or do this season's Top Chef contestants seem extra skanky? Miss Ginger is changing the name from "Top Chef- Las Vegas" to "Top Chef- Extra Skanky!"

I mean, c'mon- chest tattoos, leg tattoos, guyabara shirts, and black pantyhose with open-toed shoes! Just looking at them make me want to vomit- I can't imagine eating anything they'd cooked!
I can only IMAGINE what Maggie would think:


miss alaineus said...

i consider tattoos to be something of the need-to-know nature, and people at work dont need to know me that well.

then again, i also dont have the need to display my individuality at work and put it all on display either. even if i could wear short sleeves i doubt i would on the job but that's just me.

didnt we already have a betty paige girl on tv-- oh yeah that was project runway.


Joy said...

Yes, they are extra skanky this season. It makes me not want to eat their food.

Bob said...

I have often thought, while watching the show, of taking a scrub brush, some Lysol and PineSol [sorry Joy], a smidge of Head and Shoulders, a few tubes of Crest, a batch or two of Deodorant, to each and every one of them.
That said, I think that one of the two brothers is kinda hot, though I don't know if it's Mark or Brian. Brian? Mark?

Top Chef--Extra Skanky. Love it.

behrmark said...

Pardon my ignorance but is your clip from Little Britain? It's hilarious!

theminx said...

Bryan is the hot one. The one without a bajillion tattoos. I really don't like tattoos.... bleh.

I don't think the girls are wearing dark hose - it's the lighting.

Dan said...

hello! It is vegas, everything is trashy out there!

Beth said...

I love a good tattoo..but black pantyhose???with open toed shoes???!!! GAHHHHHHHH!!! I shudder to think of that.....

I hope the girls actually see you to your room this time, Ginger, instead of just dropping you off at the corner and hope you get into the hotel! ;)


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