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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miss Ginger Goes Flat!

No, she didn't forget her fake boobs again! (That was an embarrasing night!) And thank goodness it wasn't Miss Ginger, it was Boy Ginger. But then again, what's the diff, really?

Anyho, after work yesterday Boy G drove out to the Volvo dealership to get a part for the passenger side mirror that got mysteriously broken. At first she was trying to be kind and not blame it on the valet, but after buying one part, and discovering that the more expensive part behind that is also missing, the auto parts guy speculated that the valet stole the part to sell to someone he knew who needed it, and Miss G had to concur. After ordering the part (not in stock.... GRRRRRR) Boy G hopped backed into Veronique to drive home. Cruising down the freeway, literally a mile or so from the house, Boy G smelled burning rubber. He couldn't determine the source at first, but at the ride started to get bumpier, he realized he was losing a tire. BIG GRRRRRRRRR! Luckily, he made it safely across 4 lanes of traffic to the nice, wide shoulder. So, in his suit and tie, Boy G proceeded to put on the spare like the butchest thing you've ever seen. The original tire is in shreds- practically falling off the wheel. Luckily, Veronique's jack and spare are easy to access and easy to use, so Boy G was back on the road in no time.

Also as luck should have it, Miss G had enough sense when she bought the car to purchase the tire and wheel insurance. Those Italian performance tires are expensive, and Miss G is notoriously hard on wheels! Miss G is also discovering that Italian tires are hard to find, and it looks like she will be having to order one. Leave it to the Italians to create a product that costs a fortune, looks and performs beautifully, and lasts about 15 minutes! Whatcha gonna do?!

At least it didn't happen when Miss G was in heels and hair!


Indigo said...

If you were in skirt and heels it would be curious to see how many people would have stopped to try to help. (Hugs)Indigo

Dannelle said...

Talk about deflated! Sorry about the blow out- what is with the italian tires? I didn't know that one had to use Italian tires on a volvo- hell, I didn't know Volvos were Italian...

Howard said...

I am impressed. I tend to leave the changing of the tire to others. LOL

Beth said...

I thought Volvos were Swedish? Bummer about the tire, but good job on changing the flat! Considering my natural lack of grace, I would never even attempt it...I'd probably crush myself! XOXO Beth

Bob said...

It's nice to have Boy G around to change a tire.
I hate changing tires.
The few times I've had a flat :::knock wood::: I've changed it myself but it always pisses me off or makes me wanna cry.
Or both.

Char said...

Your post reminded me of a funny story about sideview mirrors and my mother. I'll have to post it on my blog when I get home.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Just like with clothes, the best for the road is Italian :o)

mistress maddie said...

Girl, don't tell me about car repairs. Last week I somehow snapped a rotor and that damaged all kinds of stuff. $850 LATER I got the car back after two days. Plus I also got to new tires! Take care girl and I'll be back soon


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