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Friday, March 11, 2011

C'mon- Make my Day!

See that little box over there to the right, underneath where is says "Welcome to the Land of the Gingersnaps"?  Well, that little fella has been sitting there since 2008, slowly but surely welcoming each new GingerSnap that joins our fold!  Believe it or not, there are 91 of you out there, reading always, sometimes, or never about the goings on of Miss Queen Ginger and her batty felines!  Surely, there are 9 more people in the world that want to watch the antics of this crazy queen and her whacky cats, 24/7/365 moments a year!!

Whadya say?  Help Queen G get to 100 followers!  Send her link to some of your likeminded blog buddies, and ask them to follow Miss G! And if you're out there lurking in the shadows,  sign up for a blogger account (it's free!) and come out into the light to bask in the glow of Ginger's warmth and goodness!  

Please don't make me grovel!  It's so unbecoming of a Royal to beg!!


David Dust said...

OK - who was the hateful bitch who UNfollowed?!? It says you have 90 followers now - that's just evil.

You should put your follower widget at the very tippity top of your sidebar so everyone sees it as soon as they get to your page. Once you hit 100 followers, then you could move it back down.



I shall forward the link and get the girls a signing up!


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