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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home At Last!

Queen Ginger is finally home from her Mardi Gras jaunt to the motherland, and wouldn't you know, she came home sick as a dog! Now she remembers why she stopped going to NOLA for Mardi Gras- this always happens!  Spring allergies + crowds of germy people = sinus infection!

SO last night she curled up with the kitties front of the TV and caught up on all the shows she'd DVR'd.  She finally got to watch the episode of RuPaul's Drag Race where Delta was sent home, and I think it was time for her to go.

Now, I know there are some Delta lovin' queens out there reading this blog, and I love her too, but based on the contest of this challenge, she just did not bring it.  As much as she criticized others for "going for the obvious" when they teased her about being fat, that's exactly what she did in the comedy challenge, but without enough confidence and panache to make it funny. It was just kind of pathetic and painful! As a big girl drag queen, Miss Ginger feels qualified to say that Delta needs to move beyond her desire to be seen as "more than just the big girl"!  Face it, sweetcheeks- you're a big man in a dress, and that's funny!  People expect a big drag queen to be funny, so we have to give them that first.  If we can layer on beauty and talent, that's great, but you gotta bake the cake before you can ice it!

Manila was also in the bottom 2, and she deserved to be there as well.  I love Manila's look,  and her Asian deprecation shtick is pretty funny most of the time.  Why she went for that tired Sesame Street routine is beyond me, when she could have given us Margaret Cho meets Connie Chung or something personal and funny!  She totally deserved to win the Lipsync, where she clearly outshined Delta.

A lot came to to light for Miss Ginger during this episode when it was revealed that Shangela has experience doing comedy on stage.  Now Miss G understands why Ru seems to have her back so much!  

If you look at the queens who are getting national exposure lately, they are all, first and foremost, comediennes.  Coco Peru, Lady Bunny, and Hedda Lettuce have all brought drag comediennes to the limelight with cable specials and comedy tours.  Miss Ginger is proof positive that just about any old queen can put on a dress and heels and make a name for herself, but to get national exposure, you've got to move beyond the lipsync-at-a-bar, dollar-at-a-time bookings that most of us get.  RuPaul rose to fame because she can, in fact, sing and dance, but even she has followed that with talk shows and comedic charm that makes the world love her. I think Ru sees potential in Shangela's ability to market herself as star with talent, and she may be the most marketable queen on that stage today.  True, Shangela's makeup is amateurish, and she can't sew, but we can pay makeup artists and seamstresses to fix that.  She has that flair for comedy and the spot-on timing that money can't buy, and that's going to bring her a long, long way.

A lot of people are favoring Raja, and I love her too, but I don't see her as the Next Drag Superstar.  First off, to paraphrase Fabio: "eetsa Top Drag Queen, notta Top Androgeny". Her look, while entertaining and edgy, is not particularly pretty,  and Miss Ginger sees her more as a "club kid" than a true drag queen.  I think she'll go far- and I think she'll be successful- but Miss Ginger does not see her as "America's Next Drag Superstar".  Raja also seem REALLY smart- way smarter than your average drag queen!  I think with her talent and brains, plus the fact that she's a very handsome boy as well, will take her a long way in the entertainment industry.

The 2 Latinas are fluff.  Love them both, but can't understand a word they say. Charo can only take you so far!

So Miss G is predicting Shangela for the win.  Who are you 'snaps pulling for?


behrmark said...

As you know I was pulling for Delta. So plan B is Raja. I understand what you're saying and you have far more insight into than I, however it seems Ru is looking for a fish queen not a drag queen. As for Shangela she reminded me very much of Lady Chablis...and I'm not sure if I mean that as a compliment or not.

Anonymous said...

I do not Like Shangela at all. MBC

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you feel better soon.


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