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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Can't Stop the Rain!

Instead of hundreds of shirtless men, the Quarter was filled thousands of garbage bag ponchos as the rain continued Saturday night.  After the gullywasher came through, lighter rain continued into the evening, dampening the hair, if not the spirits of the thousands of people who came to NOLA for the world's biggest party!  There is not a square inch of New Orleans where one could escape the party atmosphere, and why would anyone want to?

Boy G risked life, limb, and watery beer to bring you the pictures he promised of the Mardi Gras festivities, so here' a bit of the experience for you!

For Miss Ginger and her friends, the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann is the "center of the Universe", the spot around which all of the parties revolve.  There on St. Ann street, between 2 of the city's largest gay clubs, the party spills onto the street, and from overlooking balconies, the boys bargain with beads to see various and sundry body parts of the passersby!  
Of course the religious right never fails to miss the opportunity to oggle men's body parts under the guise of salvation, so there they were, as always, with their hate filled-rhetoric.  Their venom was not so potent this year, however, since their leader, Grant Storms, was arrested last week for masturbating in his car while watching a bunch of kids play in a Metairie park! Methinks thou protest too loud!  And c'mon: "Grant Storms"?  That's a porn name if I ever heard one!!

All of this commotion causes a great deal of traffic on our little narrow corner, and even though most of the French Quarter is closed off to vehicular traffic,  there are still quite a number of taxis and beer trucks that are allowed through.

Lucky for us, our self-appointed TRANSportation director did a remarkably effective job of keeping everyone safe, and entertaining the crowd in the process!

With all these cute boys lined up likes ducks on the balconies and in the streets, SIRveillance is like shooting fish in a barrel! 

My favorite boy is Marco, a dick dancer from Nicaraugua, via DC, who looks like a munchkin Mario Lopez, with oversized equipment, if you smell what I'm stepping in!!  He's a sweety and always has that dimply little smile that makes you want to reach in for another dollar's worth!!
More later!! Miss Ginger is STILL trying to find Amber and the LeMay Sisters!


Beth said...

Oh boy, what a place! Can hardly wait to get back there!

I sure hope the rain lets up for you soon!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope Sunday brings the sun :o)

60 days from tomorrow.

Joy said...

I saw an article about that perv Storms and linked it on my blog. So stereotypical.

Glad to see you're having fun despite the weather! Shontay at the Elegante Extravaganza! (however that's all spelled)

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i hope all the religious folk went to church today so they can leave the good folks who are celebratin' with ya the hell alone!


David Dust said...

PLEASE give Marco my telephone number and address IMMEDIATELY!!!!



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