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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a Week!

Miss Queen Ginger has not had a week this busy in forever- thank goodness!  It has left her exhausted an ready for the weekend!

It started with a huge meeting and store walk Tuesday morning..... at butt-crack:30 in the morning....  in Outer Mongolia!  Queen G hates the 'burbs, and she is NOT a morning person, so she was pretty weary before it even started!

The meeting went well, and the day ended early, so our girl was able to make it to the "topping off" ceremony (insert sophomoric comment here!) for the new Legacy Community Health Services building in Montrose. In a years' old steelworkers tradition, a tree is cut and placed at the top of the steel support structure of a construction site when the framework reaches its pinnacle with no injuries to the workers. 

Being the lifegivers that the folks at Legacy are, all living things were spared in their ceremony, so instead of having a chopped down pine tree stuck into the roofline, these clever healthcare professionals acquired a living oak, which they hoisted to the rooftop to celebrate the occasion. Eventually, the tree will join a bank of others that were spared in the planning of the building to create a beautiful, shaded landscape in the community!

It really is a beautiful, large tree, and sure enough, they hoisted that mother up there and placed it at the top of the building!  
Boy G got to mingle with the gliterati of the day, including Chree Boydstun, Legacy's Chief Development Officer and one of Ginger's biggest fans here in Houston!  After several many glasses of vino, poured by an incredibly cute flock of cater waiters, Queen G and the brood headed over to Cavatore's to drool over Federico and enjoy some delish, low-carb delights! It was a low-key, belated birthday celebration and a fabu time on a Tuesday night.

The next day, Boy G spent the day in the "Learning and Development Center" basement downtown, drinking koolaid developing and practicing corporate BS useful  skills for 11 long hours!  After that, the Krewe had a board meeting scheduled, and that came forth with more drama than a "Real Housewives of Rupaul's Drag Race" episode! 

Finally, today came, with another early start, but also an early finish!  Boy G is washing and packing and prepping for the venture to NOLA tomorrow to celebrate Mardi Gras in high-gay French Quarter style!  It looks like it's going to be a warm, sunny weekend in NOLA, so watch this spot for pics of dicks and lots of hot shirtless guys whoring for beads earning scholarship money!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It has been a week, I know you will enjoy NOLA :o)

mistress maddie said...

This does seem to be a busy time again doesn't it girl? Have a fabulous time in Nola and go make it rain down there girl!!!!!


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