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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More News From Texas....

....with your Dragwitness News Anchorgurl, the FABULOUS Queen Ginger Grant!

Our top story tonight:  Texas has a new prescription for death!  It seems the sole manufacturer of the drug sodium thiopentalmore commonly known by the trade name sodium pentathol, can no longer find reliable sources for raw materials used to make the drug. After the announcement by Hospira, Inc, , whose corporate slogan is  "Advancing Wellness", the Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced it will replace the old standby treatment for chronic murder syndrome with pentobarbital, a drug with similar properties.  And what great debate this entire story has sparked!!

Citing a lack of transparency and a breach of state law, appellate attorney for death row inmate Cleve Foster says she will challenge this change in courts. It certainly seems to Miss Ginger that whether you wash with Clorox or you wash with Purex, the stain still comes out.

Lundbeck Inc, the manufacturer of Nembutal, the most widely marketed form of pentobarbital, has publicly stated that they would prefer that states not use their product for this purpose.  

Meanwhile, in financial news, trading of Lundbeck, Inc skyrocketed on the Dallas and Houston Stock Exchanges as both Texas and Oklahoma stock up on the newly designed cocktail of death! 

In other news, Dragwitness News affiliate KHOU in Houston obtained this video  of rowdy teabagger Charles Cupp, 66, made a complete and total ass of himself at a city hall rally protesting the state spending cuts that threaten the avaialablity of HIV and AIDS related drugs to a large number of patients. Hopefully, Big Leroy will use a condom when he has his way with "Miss Charley" tonight in the Harris County Jail!

And this just in: Texas lawmakers approved draft legislation on Wednesday that would allow students to carry guns on college campuses.  Governator Rick Perry, in old west fashion,  celebrated by firing his own six shooter into the air, killing 2 grackles, 1 blackbird,  and a window seat passenger on a low-flying Southwest Airlines flight.  Said family of the victim, Sayid Samed: "We are certain that she was targeted because of her religion."

So that's your Dragwitness News for tonight, folks!  And remember, if we can't find news, we'll drag it out of someone!


Taylor Lamb said...

Very interesting

Joy said...

What's happening to our country? The inmates are definitely running the asylum!


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