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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Everywhere Else It's Just Tuesday!"

Happy Mardi Gras, everybody!  This girl's sign just kinda says it all, doncha think!?  It's been a very interesting, very unusual, but very awesome Mardi Gras for Queen Ginger, and it will probably take a few posts for her to share it all with you!!

First, you must know that Miss G risked life and phlegm to bring you these on-the-scene shots of the festivities!  When she woke up this morning, she discovered this sinus thing had dropped to her chest, so she was way too miserable to drag out the drag and be a part of the scene! She sent Boy G out, incognito and sober, to spend his day taking in the sights and snapping these pics for our gentle readers!

As soon as Boy G left the hotel, he ran smack dab into Pete Fountain's Half-Fast Walking Club,  a legend among New Orleans locals and one of the most popular walking clubs in the city!  Now, don't confuse these guys with mall walkers or anyone who walks for their health!  Click here to learn about the purpose of walking clubs and their contribution to the party!

Boy G got so distracted by one handsome walker....

....that he almost missed the opportunity to catch this awesome shot of the Legendary Pete Fountain himself!  Boy G fondly remembers seeing Pete play live with Momma and Poppa G back when Pete had a place in the New Orleans Hilton.

After taking in the sights along Royal Street,  Boy G wandered up Dumaine to Lafittes, where the costumed revelers were gathering for the annual Bourbon Street Awards, to be held at noon.

Here, Boy G was able to catch up with some of the gang from home, and finally found the person she had been looking for all weekend long:

...the elusive Amber LeMay!! Of course, Amber was all dolled up in her Mardi Gras finest, and Miss Ginger was just sick that she didn't get to meet her!  Lucy Belle and the other girls were off at the parades, but being the hard-core party gurl that is Amber, she wanted to stay in the French Quarter to she wouldn't miss a sinful inch of the party!  I always knew she was from good people!!

Amber was, as always, the Belle of the Ball, and was having a great time meeting the crowds and oggling over the fabulous, creative costumes that are a hallmark of a French Quarter Mardi Gras!

We saw:

Wonder Woman meets the Golden Girls!
The Doublemint Twins- Rehobeth Beach style!
Mary Poppins and her Spoonful of Sugar.
The Supremes- and their "Love Child"!
Rosie the Robot!

and many, many, more!!  Watch this spot for a couple more posts coming your way!  There's also some great costume pics on!


David Dust said...

I am SOOOOO glad you finally hooked up with Amber!!!!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad Boy G could scope it out for you.


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