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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NOT Only in Texas!

A Muslim woman was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight for suspicious behavior, and guess what:  believe it or not, it DIDN'T happen in Texas!  This actually happened in San Diego, California, when a flight attendant thought he heard her say into her cell phone "it's a go!"  Apparently, these are words that flight attendants are taught to listen for, as they could be verification of a terrorist plot. Otherwise, Miss Ginger suspects most flight attendants couldn't be bothered to spend time during boarding (a flight attendant's busiest time) to eavesdrop on passenger's conversations.

The woman pulled the "musliphobic" card and wants a formal apology, and wants to be ensured that the crew will be disciplined.

Not surprisingly,  the blog comments on the Houston Chronicle website linking the article are hugely sympathetic to the crew, and not supportive at all of this woman and her plight.

Miss Ginger, not surprisingly, is torn.

In defense of the crew, one can't help but feel like the flight attendant and coworkers must have had a pretty compelling reason to remove the woman from the plane.  Asking a person to leave is quite a kerfuffle- it's not like telling someone they have to check an oversized bag.  They will have to involve supervisors, fill out reports, placate other passengers who will now be delayed.  Miss Ginger can't imagine that it is something a flight crew would take on "on a lark" because they didn't like the looks of someone.

In defense of the moronic blog commenters,  the ARE, in fact, Texans, some of the most narrow-minded people on the planet. They were inbred unto it! While their comments were tacky, the one point they had that was valid is that it is better to be safe than sorry.

In defense of the victim, Miss Ginger really doesn't have a lot of defense! She would like to invite her to consider the cause and effect.  She said something into a cell phone that caught a flight attendant's attention as a possible threat.  The flight crew acted upon it and investigated the matter. It turned out to be a misunderstanding.  No one called her names. No one said she couldn't wear her scarf. Throughout the airport building, a repeater constantly announces "inappropriate remarks or jokes may be treated as a danger to the facility".  

What's that? You don't want anyone listening to what you say on your cell phone?  DON'T TALK ON YOUR CELL PHONE IN PUBLIC!!!  Don't want people misjudging you for wearing a headscarf?  DON'T WEAR A HEADSCARF!!!  Want to make sure your flight leaves on time? SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT, and listen to the safety demo!

As far as her demands that the staff be disciplined:  THEY DID NOTHING WRONG!!! No one can prove they acted out of prejudice, malice, or contempt.  And, regardless of how they acted,  the company has the right to handle the matter internally as they see fit!

And don't even get Miss Ginger STARTED on the whole head scarf thing!  As you know,  Miss Ginger has no respect for religion!  Any religion they tells a woman she has to cover her head with a piece of fabric is about as useful to Miss Ginger as one that tells its followers that anyone who will refuse to accept only one god and denounce all others will go to hell!

Christianity, Buddhist, Muslim- schmuslim! Believe what you want, but please make sure I don't have to look at it! Treat people with dignity and respect, take care of yourself and those you care about, follow the rules for the situation at hand, don't run with scissors, and keep your hands in the car so they won't blow off!  This "religion" has served this ole drag queen pretty well for a long, long, (long!) time and it's the only one she needs!! Thank you, Momma G- the one true Goddess!!

Oh, and PS- just for the record:  if Miss Ginger had a terrorist plot, and it got foiled, she would be ALL UP in the race card... can you think of a better cover-up?  "You only pulled me off this plane because I'm a DRAG QUEEN!!  All I have up under this wig is a sammich for later!!"


mistress maddie said...

I'm with you on this girl! Except the wig. You don't want to know what's under my wig!!!!!!

theminx said...

Well, if a white person had said, "it's a go" into her cell phone, nobody would have noticed. While I don't think the crew should be disciplined, the airline maybe should apologize. Unless of course they did find some plastic explosives up her cootch.

I do agree that if someone doesn't want to be overheard on his or her cellphone, then he or she shouldn't have public phone calls.


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