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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a Waste!!

The Federal Government has delivered to date, 10 invoices to BP, charging them for the cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon disaster!  To date, BP has paid over $632 million to cover the costs of cleanup and restoration, and has just received a bill for another $62 million.

This just boggles Queen Ginger's tiny little brain! So many questions come to mind:

1. Where the HELL is BP coming up with the dough?  Are they sitting on so much cash that they can absorb this kind of charges and no go under?

2.  What would they have done with all that cash if they didn't have to pay for this cleanup effort?  Do they gilt the walls of their compound on I-10 with gold? Do they have Stoli on tap in the break rooms?

3. What the hell else could that money have been spent on besides pouring it down a hole in the Gulf?!  If those asswipes would have been more responsible in the first place, perhaps some of that money could have gone to feeding the hungry... housing the homeless.... healing the sick.

Naaaa. It would just ended up in some teabaggers brokerage account- waiting for loopholes, rebates, and incentives to develop to make some rich republican richer.  Queen Ginger hopes he eats a bad oyster and dies!

1 comment:

Dan said...

Or maybe they could have spent some of that money on prevention!



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