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Monday, March 28, 2011

Down to the Wire!

(Spoiler Alert!!)
RuPaul's Drag Race is coming down to the wire with only 4 queens left standing after Shangela was finally sent packing after tonight's "hair raising" challenge?

Or is it 5 queens left standing?  In a dramatic admission of guilty feelings, Ru confided in the audience that her co-judges had criticized her for sending home worthy queens at the expense of others.  Is it coincidental that this revelation comes on the night Shangela is deservedly eliminated?  Many have accused Ru of turning a blind eye to many of Shangela's shortcomings, so tonight she puts bygones behind and gives the judges the opportunity to reverse her questionable decisions.

Currently, 4 girls are left standing:

Raja fancies herself a "glamour" queen, and claims to be savvy and experienced in the worlds of runways and red carpets.  She considers her looks to be "couture" and "high fashion".  Miss Ginger, unfortunately, finds Boy Raja infinitely more interesting than the drag persona, which Miss Ginger would classify as "genderfuck", not one of her favorite forms of drag.  Raja has often been the winner of RDR challenges, sometimes deservedly, and sometimes because she is smarter and more creative than her competition.  Raja comes across as extremely intelligent on the show, and is someone Miss G would definitely love to meet and get to know! Miss Ginger's reconnaissance tells her Raja is the fan favorite! 

Yara Sofia is this season's class clown.  Her heavy Puerto Rican accent gives her a crazy Charo meets Pink vibe, and she tends to rely on shtick and stereotypical deprecation when the challenges require eloquence or pronunciation. Her makeup is her strength, her presentation is her downfall, and her wardrobe is inconsistent- sometimes stunning, sometimes not.  Yara would be fun at parties, but Miss Ginger doesn't see her as America's next drag superstar!

If Yara is the queen of self deprecation,  then Manila Luzon is the Grand Imperial Empress for All Eternity of stereotypical drag!  A child of one Asian and one white parent, Manila has created a "Flower Drum Song" Pat Suzuki character for herself that is beautiful, funny, sometimes charming, and sometimes downright alarming!  Her cleverness is off the charts, and she creates characters and costumes with the ease of Lily Tomlin and the skill of Edith Head.  Miss Ginger thinks Manila could be a contender!

Alexis Mateo is another Puerto Rican queen who may be a bit cuter as a boy than a girl. Not that she's not a pretty girl, but she's a REALLY pretty boy!  Alexis is  talented, and her makeup is usually spot on, but her costuming and hair can be a bit iffy at times. She's extremely comfortable in her drag persona, and convincingly feminine, but Miss Ginger is not sure Alexis has enough audience appeal and stage drama to overtake Raja and Manila in the competition.

For the "twist" this season, Ru has challenged her co-judges to choose one girl from those previously eliminated to come back to the competition.  Will it be someone recent, like Shangela or Carmen, or will they reach farther back into the season, and bring back someone like India, Mimi, or Phoenix?

Miss Ginger is betting it might be Delta Work.  Delta has been a favorite among Miss G's readers, and has shown a great deal of talent and poise throughout the season.  The judges kept her longer than they've ever kept a plus-sized momma, so there may be hope yet for us big gurls!

Good luck to the top 4, and number 5, whoever you are!  Miss Ginger and the GingerSnaps are with you 'til the end!


Kailyn said...

Love the twist. Can't wait to see who they bring back.

Out of the "four" left, I'd say Manila. Yeah, sometimes her self-deprecation works my last nerve but she has an excellent sense of comedy. And most of the time she looks pretty damn good.

I must admit though my fave part of tonight's episode was the judges' deliberation -- especially Wayne Brady's comments. I laughed so hard that I was near tears.

Ooo. And I love that me word verification is "saten." Makes me think of satin. Or is that really Satan?

behrmark said...

I've grown to appreciate Manila immensely during the competition. I love love love Raja and have her to win. As for who is coming much as I'd like it to be Delta I don't think it will be her. Carmen perhaps?

mistress maddie said...

I still love Raja, but I think Manila will probably take it as she can do the comedy thing better, although Raja's comedy is a little more dry. Alexis is as good as gone, but Yara is the year's suprise. Under the rader all season, and I liked her more than I thought I would. Raja or Maila will take it, thought probably Manila. Who comes back- I betting Delta ,Venus or Shanegla.

Anonymous said...

I like Manilla and Alexis. MBC


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