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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Weatherman Got it Wrong!!

Queen Ginger commanded "PERFECT" weather for Mardi Gras weekend.  What she has arrived to is "TYPICAL" Mardi Gras weather! She hates it when the people don't listen carefully!!

So,instead of sunny and shirtless,  it is drizzly and cool. Not cold, thankfully, and not raining steadily... just enough to make the streets wet and the bars full!

It doesn't seem to have slowed down the revelry on Bourbon Street, and even though it's still a bit quiet past St. Ann,  Miss Ginger is certain that the boys will come out a bit later.... after their spray tans dry a bit!!

Stay tuned for more tidbits!!


David Dust said...

I so wish I was there. I miss NOLA ...


Have fun! And give Amber a big hug and kiss from me!!


Beth said...

Oh noes! I hope the weather improves so you can have some hot fun!

Joy said...

Oh no! Hope the rain doesn't happen and doesn't mess up the celebrations!


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