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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Derby Day is Coming!!

It's hard to believe it's almost May, and time for our 4th Annual Derby Day Celebration, benefiting Legacy Community Health Services!  If you've not been to Derby Day before, be sure to come out and join the fun!  Derby Day is all about the hat, so be sure to create your fabulous, most gravity-defying chapeau to enter our Big Hat Contest!  Too butch for a bonnet?  This year,  we're adding a "Construction Hat Contest" to celebrating the progress of Legacy's fabulous new building on California Street in Montrose!  You won't want to miss our legendary Drag Horse Races, and of course, we'll televise the running of the race to see who can pick the winner!!

By the by, gurls and boiz,  Derby Day is the kickoff for our annual Mr, Ms, and Miss Mint Julep Contest, where we crown the boy, girl, and boygirl who raise the most money for Legacy Community Health Services over the course of the summer!  If you want to enter the contest, contact Timmy at   The sooner your declare your candidacy, the sooner you can start your fundraising efforts!  As a special bonus, decare your candidacy prior to May 7th, and Miss G will work you into the lineup so you can start collecting at Derby Day!!

Check our facebook page and RSVP so we can be on the lookout for you!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe iI can figure something out since you have expanded the "bonnet rules" MBC


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