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Thursday, November 13, 2008

If only the first episode of Top Chef had been as entertaining as David Dust's recap!- Miss Ginger may start skipping the TV and just read his recaps!

Check him out- he's hilarious, and doesn't miss a thing!
Miss G does have a few ponderings for her Top Chef fans, though:

What's up with Pocket Gay's read cheeks? He looks like he just downed a bottle of poppers throughout the whole show! I will miss his elfin magic, though not his conceited fag hag!

The asshat challenge is on between Fabio and Stefanie- hate them both! And what's up with Stefan's EuroTrash white rubber flip flops?! How disgusting will those be after a couple of trips up and down Broadway?

Apparently the Indian chick, Radichio, missed last season's "Next Food Network Star" and missed the memo that curry doesn't play well in Peoria, and that no one like a whiny Indian chick who is out to prove she can cook more than just indian food- in a tangine! She's going home soon! Lest you think that I'm hating on people of Indian descent, please let me remind you of my elicit love affair with Raj Bahvsar last summer!

Crazy Carla- I can only channel Suede and say: "whackadoodle"! She'll be going home long before her entertainment value has worn off!
I can't stand the chick from Jersey because she looks and talks just like my ex-sister-in-law's twin sister from Jersey. Bad memories!

And THANK GODDESS that GayDork Ted is off that show- me no likee! Note to straight people- you don't have to be nice to him out of respect for us. He's not a celebrity in our world, either!

If I've lost you- check out the show or DD's blog!


David Dust said...

Thank you dear. You are such a good Dust Bunny.

I'm telling you - I predict major insanity from Carla before it's all said and done. "Spirit Guides"??? ... Lordy.


miss alaineus said...

i love the hot hawiian dude.

he can come butter my toast anytime!

wheroc? my wit has failed me again, all i can think of is we are o' see
as in we are o' seeing them again next wednesday!


Indigo said...

This was hilarious, far more entertainment value than the show itself. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

Although I don't watch the show, I sure found your critique entertaining and fun!

Hugs, Beth

Dannelle said...

More entertaining than the show and it was good! We actually stayed awaked to see it! No "I'm resting my eyes" comments this week! Dannelle


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