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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wanda Sykes Comes Out!

David Dust just reported that Wanda Sykes announced her "coming out" at a prop 8 rally. I love Wanda Sykes! Does anyone remeber her in Crank Yankers?


alnhouston said...

damn, that is classic. right on Wanda!


she sure did... hear it here:


Ginger - Email me at Friesster (at) Many years ago, I dated a guy in Vegas who performed as Ginger Grant, I think. Is it you?

David Dust said...

This is the funniest fucking thing EVER.

"Ima get Seven On My Side" - which is the Consumer Action segment from ABC Channel 7 in NYC.

I love how they are cracking up by the end.

"This a FRESH TURD!!"


Laura said...

I LOVE Wanda Sykes! I love anything she is in. I had actually already heard that Crank Yankers before.
Glad she chose such a worthy event for her public coming out!

Kaio said...

Fabulous Miss Ginger thanks for your fabulous visit to my blog.
Have a sexy week.

Beth said...

I haven't heard of that movie, but I love her in "The New Adventures of Old Christine." She is hilarious! said...

She was amazing! However, many great speakers were there as well. We really crossed a bridge in the history of the Las Vegas LGBT community!

Btw, why am I loving Drag Queens so much these days?

Are you dames the new "little black dress"?

I'm linking you!

miss alaineus said...

i love wanda!!!! TAG... you are it!!!

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