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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rambling Rants and Randomness

It's been a week now since Miss Ginger got back from NOLA, and as good at is feels to be home, things are a little strange and not as she expected them to be. Dontcha hate when that happens?
First, the kitties are being weird. Normally, they interact with each other a great deal, playing, fighting, grooming, or just snuggling and sleeping together. Since Miss G has come home, it's like each kitty doesn't even know the other exits, even though they are in the same room together. And instead of both sleeping with me like normal, they won't come into the bedroom at the same time. Jackson will wait by the door until Shelby gets up to go to the litter box, and then he will come in. After she finishes her business and comes back, she realizes Jackson is in the room and won't come in. It's like they had some huge fight while I was gone and now they're not speaking! Their both being sweet with me but I want my whole kitty family back together!
Miss Ginger's back went out after she got home, which is not surprising, so instead of getting all the things done that need to get done, we're laying on ice packs and hobbling around like a letter "C". Miss Ginger often gets muscle spasms when she goes from periods of being on her feet a lot to periods of sitting or sleeping a lot. Usually they work themselves out with muscle relaxers and mobic, but this has been almost a week. Looks like it will be back to the physical therapist for Miss G. Not an altogther unpleasant experience, but time and schedule consuming, and expensive.

Str8upwithatwist blogged about All Saints Day, and started Miss G to wondering if there is a patron saint of Drag Queens? Does anybody know? Miss G also needs to pray to St. Anthony, because since she got back she can't find her ipod or her headphones. He always helps her find her lost earrings so I know he can help with consumer electronics as well!

Miss G skipped breakfast bunch this morning because her back hurt and she wasn't feeling sociable. It also gave her a chance to enjoy one of the good things that came out of her past relationship, fried boudin for breakfast. She never ate boudin till exBF came along, but he fried some up for breakfast one morning and Miss G was instantly hooked. She only got a couple of links left in the freezer, so she may have to make a road trip to the Mother State to get some more. Does anybody know where one can buy boudin in Texas?

The time changes always throws Miss G's schedule into a tail-spin, but at least she early voted on Friday so she doesn't have to worry about getting up early Tuesday to go by the polls on her way to work. I guess we'll all be glued to the TV Tuesday night- might be a fun night to go out to the bars to watch the returns, asuming things go our way. Otherwise, not so fun. In either case, cocktails will be appropriate!


David Dust said...

I am going to be drunk as a skunk on Tuesday. Hopefully this will be as a result of celebration, and not drowning my sorrows.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I am traveling Wednesday afternoon, so do not need to go into work on Wednesday, so we are planning on staying up to the wee hours to see the results.

Beth said...

The only reference to a patron saint of drag queens that I could find was Carmen Miranda. So maybe Carmen can help you with your iPod!

So sorry to hear you've got back woes. I hope you'll be back up and running soon!

What's up with the kitties? Why the family feud? Maybe you are their buffer zone, and with you around, they are able to live together happily.

Ken and I both voted this past Monday, but as he wrote, we'll be staying up as long as it takes to make sure the proper person was chosen...! I agree--whether in celebration or mourning, there will be libations!

Feel better!
Love, Beth

mistress maddie said...

I think your right on with Tuesday hon. I voted early so I won't have to wait in the long lines. But the Mistress will be playing hostess,at her abode that will be used as campaign headquaters tuesday night. A downfall to having a spouse in poticlics.

Indigo said...

Sometimes with my cats, if they miss me...they all act like jealous brats. Doing the avoidance thing. It's like a snub if I'm paying attention to one and another comes in the room. Could it be they are just missing you?


miss alaineus said...

my personal patron saint is st. jude, patron saint of lost causes and lonely old maid school teachers. tee hee.

i am not giving homework tuesday night and have planned real light for wednesday. my kids have election fever, i have never seen so many young people so involved in what is going to occur on tuesday.

wow the word of today is ingicest--- what is that, when you ingest your cuticles when you bite your nails?????
and if mcpain wins i am moving to canada, stat!

Dannelle said...

Sorry to hear about your back out of whack- I hate/love pain killers. I got the vote of out the way early because I wanted it to count (California is so West Coast time challenged). We have a prop on reneging on Gay marriage rights. Prop 8. Yesterday there were families on street corners (oh so wholesome) smiling and waving signs YES on 8! Ag said to me, hey you want to plant one on me and see what happens?! I opted for a thumbs down, didn't want a wreck! I wanted to be more aggressive but they wouldn't understand anyway! Love ya, Dannelle


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