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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to our FABULOUS World!

Miss Ginger welcomes new GingerSnap "Joy" to the FABULOUS world of the G-Snaps! We're glad to have you, honey, and now that you're part of the family I'm gonna freak you out! You know from time to time Miss G likes to do "look alikes", where she puts two pictures together to show the resemblance. So here ya go:
Now, here's the really freaky part- the lady on the right is the late Momma G! There is another photo of her when she was a bit younger, where she is wearing (get ready) a salmon colored top, and her hair is a bit whiter and straighter, but I can't find it right now! Anyway, in my mind the resemblance is uncanny, but that's not all! Her name was Joy! Joycelyn, really, but everyone called her Joy!
Anway, welcome to the GingerSnaps! We're gald to have ya!


David Dust said...

Joy (AKA my Auntie Flame) is one of the most fabulous Dust Bunnies, so I'm sure she will be a wonderful GingerSnap.

Maybe you are long-lost relatives!


miss alaineus said...

welcome to joy!

hey, question.

if we are g-snaps, then is your blog the g-spot??????


when you play hide and go seek it doesnt bode well if somenc's you.


Joy said...

Miss Ginger!

I missed seeing this when you first posted it and am so sorry! I'd have commented then and thanked you.

I cannot believe the similarities between me and your mother! Wow! That's amazing!

A too belated thank you so much for the welcome and kind words. That did freak me out but probably not as much as it did you.



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