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Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Here!

Winter is officially here in Texas. Lest you think of bundled up children sledding down the hill- it's Texas. Don't think of flannel-decked cowboys warming their hands by the fire, either- it's 2008. Think rain. Lots of rain. That's what winter means in Texas!
Unlike summer rains, which tend to start mid to late afternoon and cool the world for about an hour, then disapper, winter rains come along and camp out for days. It's been raining, drizzling, or pouring all day, and the forecast calls for it to continue until at least Thursday.
Good think Miss Ginger loves rain! She'll snuggle up with the kitties and sleep until it's sunny again!


miss alaineus said...

i cant wait to see your masterpiece!

and you were absolutely right...the kids were BEZERKER today...the little ones were talking about SANTA.

today's not so secret code word is sarmater. i cant think of something witty though.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Yup, winter has arrived. My nose is cold, my fingers are cold, and my toes are cold.

Cuddle and stay warm :o)

Linda said...

Cuddling up and sleeping sounds like a great plan. Linda

Kaio said...

Hi Miss,
Thanks a lot for your visit. It was lovelly to see your comment there.
have a sextastic week!
Cheers from London

Indigo said...

It's cold here, I've had a fire burning in the pellet stove for weeks now. Today it's overcast and feels like snow, that was yesterdays forecast. It didn't stick. Days like today I want nothing more than a hot cup of cider and a blanket on the couch. (Hugs)Indigo

Dannelle said...

Yes, crazy wintertime has arrived. Sunday- rain, attempted snow
Monday- Clear but freezing
Tuesday (today) Warming
FORECAST- in the 90s by Friday- but not here, 30 miles away it will be hot here, only about 70!
Cuddle up Sweetie, it's going to be a long one! Dannelle

Yasmin said...

Winter arrived in the UK about 5 weeks ago, it so cold and gloomy like you my little cats and I snuggle up in front of the fire, me watching Bette or Joan Liz to name a few them asleep.


Beth said...

Brrrr! It's cold here! I'm looking stylish in my plaid flannel pants, sweatshirt, fleece pullover, and sock monkey slippers. I'm too sexy for my shirt...! ;)

Yes, we have a furnace! But with being environmentally conscious, and trying to save our pennies, we keep it low, around 68° if possible. So we love our fleece blankets and warm clothes, and it's almost time to put the down comforter on the bed.

I hope you and kitties cuddled up and stayed warm tonight!

Hugs, Beth


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