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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Miss Ginger Survives Black Friday

Black Friday has come and gone, and it was a rousing success for Miss G and her stores. If there is an economic downturn, it certainly wasn't apparent Friday!

Miss Ginger scheduled herself sat the Galleria, because a.) it's close to chez Ginger, b.) she has 2 stores there, c.) it's the 4th largest mall in the US, and d.) it's FABULOUS! It was packed, but all the customers seemed to be in great moods, not bitching and whining about the long lines and crowded garages like they sometimes do. They waited patiently to be rung up, and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Today Miss G went into the office for a few hours to recap the successes, then went off to have her mani and pedi (paws and claws, in kitty speak!)

On another note, check out David Dust's blog for a link to the Hollywood Divas quiz, which determines the Hollywood legend that describes you best. Miss Ginger is a Barbara Stanwick- who will you be?


David Dust said...

As you know - I am a TOTAL Rosalind Russell!!


Blaine said...

Bet your surprised that I ended up as BETTE DAVIS

miss alaineus said...

miss g,

glad to hear you survived black friday without any casualties. i still get the chills thinking about that poor walmart dude. punching someone in the face to get a cabbage patch kid is one thing, this stampede mentality at walmart is another thing entirely.

i was rosalind russell as well


sounds like my cat sneezing...time to dust!


Yasmin said...

Glad Friday was a success for you, now I'm over to your friends blog, I'l let you know what diva I am.


Joy said...

I'm Kate Hepburn (and Cary Grant - I had to take that one, too).

Good news about Black Friday!


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