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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who Say's Everyone in Texas is Bigotted?

Check out this article from the Houston Chronicle:

UT-Austin students form campus' first gay fraternity
Associated Press

AUSTIN — The University of Texas now has its first and only gay fraternity.
Delta Lambda Phi, a nationally recognized gay fraternity, was inducted at UT earlier this year.
Russell van Kraayenburg, president of the fraternity, brought up the idea to open a gay fraternity to the UT Greek community six months ago.
"Everyone's been so supportive on campus," he said. "There's not been a single person I've talked to who's been against the idea or even questioned the idea."
Members complained that a lot of fraternities exclude gays at UT.
"I would go through West Campus and see all the other fraternities and I just kind of knew in my mind, I was like, I can't be in that fraternity,'" said UT student Ryan Yezak, who's now one of seven members of the gay fraternity.

I'll bet this frat can build a human pyramid like no other!

Click on the title of the article to check out the comments from the Chronicle readers!


David Dust said...


Good for UT-Austin - my (straight) uncle's alma mater!!


Dannelle said...

Great find! Happy UT is accepting of the gay frat. I bet it will have the best interior design on Frat Row! Hope those boys didn't eat beans before picture, lol. Dannelle

Beth said...

Good for UT. I hope everyone will be tolerant and accepting of these students!

Hugs, Beth


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