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Monday, November 24, 2008


This post went haywire so it's gonna be kinda random.
Nutwood Beth blogged about cauliflower, and Miss G is making that for Thanksgiving. Then Northwest Dan disclosed his entire TG menu, and Miss G thought she should do so as well.
So, Miss Ginger is going to make the turkey outside on the rotisserie, weather permitting. Brother B is bringing the stuffing, since Miss G doesn't think it's safe to stuff a bird when she's cooking it outside since the oven temp is hard to control.
She's also making cauliflower, which she grills in a foil packet with olives, pimentos, and garlic mixed in. Sounds weird, but it's way yummy. Of course, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. It's a small group this year, just the 3 surviving bubbas, plus friend Karen whose doesn't have time to fly home for TG since she works for the big M and has to be at work at 4 unGodly am!

Is anyone else mourning the loss of "Strobe" on Sirius Sattelite radio? When they merged to form Siruis XM, "Strobe" the disco station, went away. The release from Sirius XM says "if you liked "Strobe" you'll love "70's on 7", but it't not the same. There was a lot of music in the 70's that wasn't disco, and while it was great music it's not what I want to drive to. Thank Goddess that "BPM" and "Chrome" merged beautifully!

Prayers for Mistress Maddie on the loss of her beloved pet. I am so in love with my kitties. They bring me so much joy as I know Miss Starbooty did for Mistress Maddie. I know you'll be sad for a while, sweetie, but here's a little something amusing that hopefully will make you smile!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Grilled "C", we may need to try that :o) Hope your TG day is great.

David Dust said...

Thanks for the kind words/thoughts for my "sister" Maddie. And thanks for the laugh!


Linda said...

Your dinner sounds fabulous! Linda

mistress maddie said...

Miss G- Thanks for the kind words girl. Today was much better ,but I admitt it seems weird Starrbooty isn't here to greet me when I arrive home. And the you tube clip made me laugh. We must be on the same wave lengh. I told someone just today I had to have a pussy put to sleep as not to suffer. After saying it I thought of Are You being Served. Thank you again sweetie and your dinner sounds delish! Happy Thanksgiving Miss G!

Beth said...

Miss G, your feast sounds wonderful! I think that grilled cauliflower sounds so yummy, and we'll try that this summer.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend losing her kitty. I'll pop over with my condolences.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, hon!

Love, Beth


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