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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whirlwind Week!

Miss G is up bright and early before her dental appointment. Good thing, because she's got so much to do this week and she really needs to get some things done! She'll have to pack up here and check out before she goes, cause from the dental appointment she jets back to H-town to check on the kitties and repack her bag. Then, Wednesday am at buttcrack:30 she heads back to the airport for a puddle-jumper flight to lovely Lafayette, La for a store visit. After Lafayette, it's back to New Orleans to check on the two new babies there, and then Friday she has to do Baton Rouge before heading home for the weekend.
This weekend will be a costume making marathon as she tries to get ahead of that challenge.
Meanwhile, she's got some correspondance to take care of before she gets her day started. (Doesn't correspondance sound so much better than "emailing!?"
If there are 2 things in the world that Miss G loves, it's Engrish and bathroom humor! So she is really enjoying the latest string of funnies on! I leave you to ponder the powers of this super hero! Leave a comment and give it your best shot!


Yasmin said...

My you do get around, makes me feel, good luck at the Dentist and you'll soon have a nice set of gnashers(teeth) so jealous you saw Bette she's one of my faves.
one thing Buttcrack???!!!!, enjoy the rest of your hetic week.


Beth said...

"Buttcrack:30." LOL I hate that time of day!

Toilet Man: blinds his foes with a reverse flush! (ewwwww)

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

His Superhero name is SuperDoodie.


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