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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Chompers are In!

Teh new chompers are in and they look great! The clinic has 10 operatories in one big room, and Miss Ginger's operatory was the only one that had been outfitted with a disco ball, flashing lights, and chic, trendy glasses to replace the clear safety glasses everyone else had to wear! Our "op" was THE place to be at LVI today.
The procedures were long. Dr. M. started around 9:30and worked straight through till 3:30 pm. Miss G is tired and her mouth and jaw is sore, but the teeth llok great. She's having a bloody at the brand new Continental Presidents Club at McCarren airport in Vegas, and as soon as she finishes this post she's going to rush off to her first class seat, order another bloody, pop an Ativan, and sleep all the way back to Houston. That's the plan!
More tomorrow from Louisiana- maybe even some pictures!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Nothing but the best for Miss G. Glad you are happy with the new chompers :o)

Linda said...

Glad to hear that the new teeth are in and that they look great! Ah Ativan, wonderful little things. Linda

Beth said...

Congrats, Miss G! We'll all look forward to pictures.

You cracked me up with the description of your way cool OR area. WOW!

Hugs, Beth

mistress maddie said...

Enjoy them and be in good health! It sucks when your mouth is sore for all the wrong reasons,ain't it?

miss alaineus said...

now your smile will be a gigawatt one!

have a safe flight back. i hope your arms dont get as tired as your jaw (har de har har)

and the word of the day is.... oracal, as in your mouth hurts something oracal!!!!


Dannelle said...

Flying, drinks and ativan sound potentially lethal after dental work- I DO HOPE WE HEAR FROM YOU! Glad your happy with new teeth- SMILE! Dannelle


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