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Monday, November 17, 2008

Miss Ginger Bites into Vegas!

Say goodbye to Miss Ginger's old,gross teeth!

She arrived in Vegas yesterday to get them all fixed up, and tomorrow the "temporary" new ones go in.

If you saw her old post, you know that Dr. Mitchmore has been working on realigning her bite to keep the gums from moving away from the teeth and to get the proper alignment to stop the bite from collapsing. He even invited Miss Ginger to come with him to the Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry to show off his most FABULOUS patient to his peers, mentors, and teachers. Being the control freak that she is, Miss Ginger is thrilled to be getting a "behind the scenes" look at how the procedures come together, and she's getting to meet the experts in the field as they look into her FABULOUS example of a mouth that can be made prettier! (How's that for a positive spin on things!)

Dr. Mitchmore has been a real doll, and is treating his "customer of the year" like royalty! Last night, he took Miss Ginger to see one of her favorite co-Divas, Bette, at Caesar's Palace, in the room that Celine built, and Rene lost in a game of poker. Her latest shindig, "the Showgirl Must Go On" is, of course, bawdy, spectacular, and thoroughly entertaining!

Then today, while Dr. M. sat in lectures filling his already full brain to overflowing with dental knowledge, Miss G checked in with the staff at LVI to get her photos taken (there were papparazzi everwhere! Everyone wanted photos of Miss G's mouth!) They also hooked her up to some rather unnatractive wiring and took some computer scan of her mouth in action. (Good think she hadn't had any cocktails- then her mouth would've burned up the computer!)

Later, Dr. M. came by to adjust a couple of little things for tomorrow, then sent Miss G back to the hotel for a FABULOUS, relaxing massage by the ever handsome Brad, who almost made Miss G forget she has to spend 5 hours in a dentist chair tomorrow! So after tomorrow, Miss G will have beautiful new plastic teeth, and in one month Miss G will have FABULOUS porcelain ones that will look just like her original teeth, on whiter, straighter, prettier, healthier, and more durable than before!


miss alaineus said...


i need to go to the dentist and i am terrified to do so. are they gonna sedate you?

ningbedi-- the sound of your last clean fork hitting the floor right when you need it to eat with.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

He gave me a happy pill to take. Not sedated, just relaxed. The dental procedures don't bother me, but the confinement makes me squirm a lot.

cataxe-- I need to borrow some sugar, but I cataxe my neighbor for another favor@

Beth said...

I hope all goes well and that you aren't too uncomfortable sitting in the chair for a while. We'll look forward to seeing the lovely new choppers!

Dannelle said...

How fortunate that "someone" really loves you! New teeth in Vegas! i wish I cold get some!

calowdle- what the cat does under the bed.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Just thinking of the D makes me cringe. Glad you are having a positive experience in Vegas Baby!

alnhouston said...

wow, bette & brad on the same trip!


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