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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't Eat the Dead Ones!

Here we are in Baton Rouge, and all we want is some boiled crawfish, and we can't find any ANYWHERE!!!!!

Actually, we are coming to the end of the season (crawfish boils are an Easter thang!) but some places still have them. We went to a little place for dinner called Parrain's, because we were told they had boiled crawfish. But guess what. They didn't! But, it was a really enjoyable evening, and Miss G kinda stuck to her diet by eating a dozen roy erstas (raw oyters) and a shrimp remoulade, which was delish. And, we were sitting by a window that overlooked the porch, and there was a little teeny tiny baby kitty playing out there and he was SOOOOOOOOO cute! I totally wanted to catch him and keep him, but he was waaaaaaay too skitterish and would have none of that!

By the way, Parrain (say pah-'ranh) is Cajun French for "grandfather", so it reminded Miss G that someday she shall have to post pics of her Parrain and Marrain, but they are on the computer at home, (the pictures, not the grandparents!) so that will have to be later!

So, during our crawfishless dinner, we decided that tomorrow we would have a 3 hour workday, and then go have crawfish and beer for lunch, then make the hour drive back to New Orleans to catch our flight back to Houston! Well, of course, the late Momma G is looking down upon her child from the heavens to remind him that beer for lunch in Baton Rouge before a drive to New Orleans is dangerous and illegal. But, since she's dead and can't talk, she just insured that there is not one singe restaurant in all of East or West Baton Rouge parish that serves boiled crawfish for lunch- I called them all! That's just the way Momma G rolls! You gotta love it!

Anyho, we'll still cut out early and eat something, and I'll bet by 2pm there will be a bloody mary or 2 at the little bar near gate D-3, because they are so awesome!

Oh, and as for the title of this post- "Don't Eat the Dead Ones!" It's kinda of a standing "joke" in South Louisiana to tell first-time crawfish eaters "don't eat the dead ones!" They kinda go "huh?", because, of course, after being boiled, they are all dead! Of course, within a 40lb bag of wriggling live crustaceans, there are sure to be some "casualties", but it's way too laborious to try to pick out the ones who didn't survive. Plus, how do you tell if they are dead or just resting? So, you dump them all in the boiling water and hope for the best! But after they are cooked, the little tails curl up on on the fresh, live ones, and anything that went into the water dead cooks up limp and straight. So, everytime someone picks up a straight one, someone always says "don't eat the dead one!" They are spoiled and not fit to eat, so they are trown into the "burial pile" with the rest of the shells! Ya see, you never throw away crawfish shells- it would stink up the garbage something awefull! No, you dig a hole in the back yard and bury them so they return to the earth. At our house, first one up had to dig the hole. Man, we could sleep late after a crawfish boil!
Who's up for a crawfish boil at Miss Ginger's next year? Start saving your plane fare! Boy G will start digging the hole!


Mark in DE said...

All this talk about seafood is making me HONGRY!!

frogponder said...

Mine parents lived in Baton Rouge for three years when we were first married. We made about three trips down there to visit and eat our way from South of New Orleans north. Very good eating and lots of fun to see a different part of the country.
Dad's company did a crawfish boil every year.

Joy said...

Count me in! This makes me want some shrimp and grits. Big time!!

My wv is "tonite" and is right!

Beth said...

Yummmm! I've actually never done a crawfish boil. I've only had crawfish etouffee (loved it!). I loved your story about how to spot the dead ones...and I'll remember that! XO Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Interesting about the "dead" ones. We would love to have a boil with you :o)

Anonymous said...

Contact this restaurant, they have great food
The Chimes Restaurant and tap room

Chimes at LSU
3357 Highland Road 225.383.1754

From North Baton Rouge on 110 South

Go to the 110 South / I-10 East merge. From there go .6 miles from the merge and take the Dalrymple Drive / LSU Exit (156b). Take a right on to Dalrymple South. Go to State Street (the 3rd traffic light and approximately .5 miles) and take a right. Go to Highland Road (next traffic light and approximately .3 miles) and take a left. From there, the Chimes Restaurant is located on your left 1/2 a block up at 3357 Highland Road next to The Varsity Theatre.

edder said...

" do you tell if they are dead or just resting?"

hahahahahaha! I just loooove oysters and crustaceans, so will save my pennies. Always wanted to do a trip to your neck of the woods.

Beth said...

hey, after the weekend I had, I'm up for anything!!!! Count me in!


David Dust said...

I may have to hitchhike from NYC, but I'll be there!!!


mistress maddie said...

Girl, I don't know if I would like crawfish! Does it sort of taste like lobster? If it does I'm in!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

the Chimes has beent here since waaaay before I went to LSU! I called them- no crawfish.
Maddie: Maybe it's kinda like a cross between lobster and shrimp, and they are usually kinda spicy!

Zombie Mom said...

OMG - crawdads...count me in!!!

I am from New Orleans and we spent every single summer in Gulfport (you know, the giant beach house where all the kids slept in the screened porch) sucking on boiled crawdad heads as kids and Lordy! did we stay away from those straight dank nasty ole daddies.....

We boiled up all kinds of stuff... that which wasn't boiled was fried and eaten with bread...

Dang this California living- arugula, blueberries, avocado and chicken breast just isn't cutting it!!!

I need a fried oyster po'boy

Dan said...

I have never been a fan of crawfish. Maybe I need an expert with me next time to teach me the proper technique!

Kailyn said...

Definitely count me in. I was supposed to be going to Isleton, a little town in the Delta out here, with my dad for their annual crawdad festival on Father's Day but they've canceled it! And I was so looking forward to eating a whole bunch while listening to some Zydeco. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

First off you are incorrect on your translation of "parrain". It is French for "godfather", not "grandfather."
I am a teenager who has spent her whole life living in Baton Rouge and visiting New Orleans many weekends to see family. I do believe that this qualifies me to call myself a Louisiana native. Please, unless you are actually from here, do not attempt to do our accent. That is one thing that really annoys us.
Next, they say "don't eat the dead ones," but honest to God, if you have a good batch of crawfish, you aren't going to let one just sit there. Why wouldn't it be fit to eat? It has been boiled at extreme enough temperatures to kill any parasites and those actually tend to be the most tender.
Third, what, do you think we just have crawfish all the time? You can only buy them when they are in season (usually spring time or early summer). We don't have crawfish boils every weekend, and you don't go to a place like Chimes to get crawfish. Go to a little hole-in-the-wall place. It may look sketchy, but they have the best crawfish. Support local businesses, please.
Do not refer to crawfish as "crawdads" unless you want to be laughed at for being a Northerner.
You must suck the heads. What is there to lose? You get all the best taste and juice!
Dont forget to eat the claws too. Just gently break the joint of the claw and pull it out. The meat is so tender and good if you can do it right.


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