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Monday, June 8, 2009

Pics from the RoundUP!

Many thanks to my dear friend at Str8upwithatwist for these fabulous pics from the RoundUP show last night! Not only did he get this great pic of Miss Ginger in her cowgirl getup, he got a pic of Miss Ginger's momma, Mrs. Edna Grant, whom Miss Ginger had invited to come explain the numeric concept of "rounding" to the audience. She's a third grade school teacher, so Miss G figured she would be great at explaining. Not so much! In hindsight, Miss G probably shouldn't have taken her momma out to a bottomless mimosa brunch before the show. I think the poor dear confused the audience more than educated them!

Anyway, here's Edna with our dear friend Str8upwithatwist! Be sure to check out his blog and see the rest of the pics here!


David Dust said...


If this whole "Fabulous Diva" career doesn't work out - you'd be a big hit on Wall Street!! You definitely know more math than those criminals!!!


Beth said...

I already checked out the picks via David's blog--what good good times!

Char said...

You make one HAWT cowgal!

Mark in DE said...

Work that room, Girl!

Zombie Mom said...

OMG you are faaaabuuulouuuus... I love those golden locks!

Anonymous said...

Miis G is looking slim and trim these days-event was alot of fun. MBC


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