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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Greed:Very Low
Wrath:Very Low
Envy:Very Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on

So, Miss Ginger took the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz, and, no surprise, she is not particularly sinful. See, the deal is, the quiz really is measuring the things about which an individual feels guilty. Miss G does not have a particularly guilty conscious, so she measured relatively low on the sin scale. Hey, Miss G is all about Karma- she wants to stay on It's good side!
Discover Your Sins - Click Here
Also, Mistress Borghese (hey, Maddie!) published maps of the results, which Miss G found somewhat interesting!
No surprise that greed is most prevelant in the country's most populous areas. This assessment assumes that people came to these areas because they felt that they offered the most opportunity for advancement and personal growth. Does that constitute "greed"? Miss Ginger is not sure about that one!

Next most common sin was pride- again, Miss G is not sure that pride is a sin. Arrogance, maybe. So, is anyone surprised that California, Seattle, and the Eastern Seaboard are the most arrogant parts of the country? Miss G is not. But what Miss G is suprised by is that the Deep South meaured arrogant, while Texas did not. Except for Dallas/Fort Worth, which does compute. Maybe the test is geographically relavant!

Lust isn't a huge surprise to Miss G. The South is notoriously horny! Not sure why South Dakota popped up on that one. Maybe the test was given on a cold winter's night!

The layout of "wrath" is fascinating to Miss G- who knew Louisiana was such an angry state? I guess it does make sense, though, since the folks who originally populated most of the state were essentially evicted from their homeland in Nova Scotia. Not really sure why Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are so angry- do you think they are STILL pissed off because they lost the Civil War? I totally get the red in Mew Mexico- I found it to be a very angry state!

Miss Ginger does find it quite interesting that gluttony and sloth rated so low across the country! I'll bet if you polled Europeans and Asians and asked them about gluttony and sloth in America, you would have a different answer! Miss Ginger, in her limited travels, has found Americans to be some of the most gluttonous and slothful creatures on the planet! They expect to be handed things on a silver platter and feel entitled to freedoms and privleges for which they are not willing to put forth any effort! That's just Miss G's opinion, and she's stickin' to it!

Take the quiz and post the results on your blog!! C'mon! Do it!


mistress maddie said...

Hey girl! You are just too funny. I'm glad you brought that up about lust in the south. When we went to visit a friend in Atlanta once, it seemed the boys down there were really FORWARD about what they wanted, if you know what I'm say'in girl! And they didn't care that me and the Boy-Toy were already together. And the cold winter night must be why South Dakota was on there. I couldn't for the life figrue that one out. Of course what else is there to do?


Joy said...

I did it. Love your commentary! I just have to agree with you about most of this except maybe Katrina has made LA and part of MS so angry.

No surprise about lust in the South. Think about all those decadent Southern novels, plays, and movies - The Long Hot Summer, Desire Under the Elms, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Night of the Iguana, Tobacco Road, Southern Discomfort, Rubyfruit Jungle, and on and on.

And just as I suspected, you are a much better person than I am, but since I'm so sinful in the medium range, I can live with it. :-)

Wonder Man said...

I'm too sinful because I'm cute

Dannelle said...

Sort of interesting- wonder how accurate it is-

Beth said...

Very interesting, and it looks like in my little corner of the world, we're not very sinful. HA!

Mark in DE said...

Its good to know Miss G has been a good girl. :-)


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