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Monday, June 22, 2009


You can stop reading now if that title scares you!

As you may know, Boy Ginger has embarked upon a weight loss regimen. In addition to regulated meals, the program also includes driking copius amounts of water. This, on top of the fact that Boy G takes a diuretic to regulate his blood pressure, leads to numerous trips to the loo, both day and night.

During the day it's not so bad. Thankfully Momma G always taught him to "potty before you leave the house", which is now parlayed into "before you leave the house/store/airport/restaurant/bar/building/premises." Typically, if there's a facility nearby he will make a pit stop, in case there's not one nearby in the next 30 minutes.

Nights are a little worse. He has learned to refrain from too many liquids immediately before bedtime, and can usually make it through the night. Sort of.

See, the problem is, the biology doesn't stop when the Boy is sleeping, and subconciously his body begins to make him aware that it's time to go. So, in his dream, he begins to look for the nearest restroom. Thankfully, he never finds the slumberland toilet, but the dream becomes one of those endless maze nightmares, where he's going from room to room in a strange place, looking for an acceptable relief station. Sometimes, he becomes tempted by uncommon facilities, and has to convince himself "no, a Sri Lankan bathroom can't be THIS different from the ones at home!" Ultimately, he awakens to realize that the bathroom is just steps away, and is "relieved" that it was only a dream!

Well, you can only imagine the nightmares this photo from will cause!


Zombie Mom said...

I hate the pee'ing dreams - I totally do!!! Congrats on the weightloss efforts

miss alaineus said...

i woke up peeing in the bathtub after one of those dreams....

now i have to get back to writing on my tableti (because its so damn small

congrats on your weight loss! it's a good thing miss ginger is such a fantastic seamstress.



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad I do not have the same dreams you do :o)

Joy said...

I have those dreams! It's a search over all kinds of places with unacceptable facilities - room after room, cabin after cabin, and on it goes. Now I know why I have those dreams. Thank you.

Congratulations on the weight loss.

Dan said...

i hate dreaming about peeing! I always wake up in a panic that I actually wet the bed!

theminx said...

I find myself dreaming about looking for a toilet just about every night. I usually find one, but it's so filthy, I won't use it....

Beth said...

I have pee'ing dreams too! and the toilets are always some strange concoction..a whole in the floor..or something. I'm always scared I'm going to pee the bed!!!

and WAY TO GO GIRL on the weightloss!!!

Char said...

I don't favor the pp dreams either. Once, about 40 years ago, I dreamed I was peeing....woke up and was peeing in the dresser drawer! Don't tell anyone that!

Dannelle said...

ahem... night time potty breaks are a time to consider life and the willingness to continue... POTTEE ON DUDE and Dudesses!
GENTLIS: ahem once gain...male and female both have gentlis!

Mark in DE said...

Pee dreams are the worst!

Wonder Man said...

congrats on the weight loss


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