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Monday, June 22, 2009

Heil, Burka!

The burka is back in the news, this time because the French government is considering legislation banning it from the country. The opinion of the French president is that it is oppressive, and represents a legal and security risk in a society where it is not required.

Muslim women, on the other hand, argue that the French government is seeking to be the oppressor by preventing them from practicing their preferred religion.

And in news from across the channel, the British government is considering legislation REQUIRING the burka, at least in the case of the Royal Family!


frogponder said...

I try to be tolerant, I really do, but I fall short with this kind of foolishness.

(What about Prince Charles? As a good Canadian lassie I thought he was awfully cute in his youth.)

miss alaineus said...

the irony of making a law to keep someone from being 'oppressed' is just too much for this gurl tonight. pass the pinot please!!!


i havent seen my whotra neighbor yet today but my friend alex told me she kicked out her sister earlier so maybe it will be a little quieter-- no double dates...

Bob said...

You had me going there for a second with Princess Anne!
There was talk of outlawing the burka here, too, but it quickly dissipated into the foolishness that it is, or was.

Beth said...

HAHAHA! ya, those royals need to do somethin!!!!

MadeInScotland said...

Not sure about a burka for poor old Margaret Rose. I think a shroud's more appropriate - she died over 7 years ago!

Perhaps for HRH Harry - he certainly needs something to cover his modesty.

See what I mean?

Beth said...

Oh, you so bad!

Char said...

Looks like a scene just before someone jumps at you and yells "BOO!"

haha- veri word: cring

Dannelle said...

Whoops, excuse me, I think I burka-d!

calmenit: to calm down the nitwit who invented the burka...


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