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Monday, June 22, 2009

Miss Ginger's Pet Peeves

Here's another one from edder- I just love her!
She listed some pet peeves on her blog and challenged her readers to do the same!

Here we go:
1.- Crusty heels! Either get a PedEgg® and some lotion or don't wear sandals! Your choice!
2.- People who seem to have never used an ATM before in their life!
3.- People who fart on escalators! - I can't escape that cloud, asshat!
4.- When people on elevators speak really loudly to each other in a foreign language because they "assume" I can't understand it.
5.- Dirty bathrooms.
6.-Tube tops. Bonus points for tube top + bedroom slippers.
7.- "Old" men with long hair.
8.- Back fat. Wear a jacket!
9.-People with heavy accents who get frustrated with me because I can't understand them!
10.- Bartenders who can't get a martini to you before the little tiny ice crumbles melt.

What's your peeviest pet peeves?


Dan said...

i will remeber to wear a coat around you! Aint nothing I can do about my back fat!

Beth said...

crusty heels=yuck. Sand that crap off!!!

hate cars that pull out in front of me and then go about 10 miles an hour...when there was no traffic behind me. HATE THAT!!

Beth said...

Heehee! My new pal Machine Gun Thompson recently asked the same question, and my biggest pet peeve is people who invade my personal space. STEP AWAY FROM THE BETH! :D

Mark in DE said...

Women over 45 with long hair.

People who talk about crap on their cell phones in the grocery store.

People who chew with their mouth open.

People who ignore their BAD kids in public.

Joy said...

Good ones! So are the ones in the comments. I have all of those, too, on my long list.


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