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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Houston Pride Dampened by Injury.

Upon arriving at the parade site last night, Miss Ginger was thrilled to see the large number of Houston's finest out on the streets. If you recall, she has ranted about the lack of crowd control last year, so this year she was very glad to see mounted police and police barricades. She's used to seeing those, because they are used every weekend in her native New Orleans to keep tourists safe in the French Quarter.

As she walked the parade, she saw the mounted police, in troops of three, riding along inside the barricade line to "remind" over anxious children not to hop the barricades or leave the sidewalk. The parade moved very smoothly this year, because there were not crowds of people swarming the floats and walkers trying to collect beads and throws.

Apparently, this grown woman needed plastic trinkets so badly that she chose to step into the street to collect them. She was looking the other direction as the police approaced her with whistles and shouted commands. Clearly, she didn't realize the police were yelling at her, so the officer, as he is trained to do, inched the horse forward toward her. Some say the horse got spooked, but I doubt this is the case since those horses are highly trained to cope with crowds as their primary duty. There would be no reason for HPD to keep a horse that is easily spooked by crowds. Anyway, she lost her footing, and ended up being stepped on by the horse, which probably did spook at that point because it is trained NOT to have people underneath it!

Anyway, the poor lady got pretty mangled. I feel sorry for her. I really do.

However, her husband, of course, is being an asshat. "This was unecessary", he said. (Yes, it was, douchebag. If your wife had respected the police barricade it would never have happened!)

He continues to say: "I understand the need for crowd control, but this was excessive." Well, clearly it wasn't, since your wife chose to ignore the "suggested" crowd control and required "forced" crowd control to keep her where she was supposed to be!

Again, Miss Ginger really feels sorry that the lady was hurt. And it looks like some plastic surgery will be needed to fix her face, but she is alive and recovering.

And I, for one, am glad the mounted police were there. It could have easily been a child under the wheel of a float, an ordeal I doubt anyone would survive!


Howard said...

I just love people who disregard their safety as clearly defined by crowd barriers who then blame everyone else for their problems. Asshats, indeed

frogponder said...

A case of damned if you do, damned if you don't.

behrmark said...

This just supports the idea that common sense is neither.

Beth said...

So do you think the guy and his wife will try to sue? Put me on that jury. Please. You crossed the barrier, lady. I'm sorry for her injuries, but aren't they solely because of her disregard of posted barriers? Man, that sort of behavior makes me crazy.

I remember walking in the Quarter and stopping to rub the noses of the horses, whether the carriage horses or the police officers' horses. Isn't there something sweet about a horse's nose? It's like velvet.

My word verification is "iggengly." I don't have a definition for it, but what a fun word! XOXO Beth

Timmy said...

I was very pleased with the crowd control this year.

I had one lady go through the crowd and walk up to me and try to snag some beads (believe it or not it was just one). I told her to get the f___ away and she did. Wish I had been on a horse.

Anonymous said...

It went well for me carrying a metal pole w/flag on it. Only had to hold it out and push 1 guy back. We did not let any one get close the king /queen in car. Moved at a good pace. Where are the pics? MBC

Beth said...

gawd, stupid people piss me off! That is a really big pet peeve of mine...and she was just stupid.

mistress maddie said...

I could see grabbingsome real baubles, but plastic ones? Why I oughta..........

Anonymous said...

This woman was on the news tonight and of course she accepts no responsibility. MBC

Dan said...

this happened last year in Chicago.
someone ran in front of a float to get a 10 cent string of beads. she got hit, a drag queen fell of the float and the parade was delayed for over an hour.

this year there was a barricade the entire route.
much better.

Joy said...

There's an epidemic of not taking responsibility, or if they do accept responsibility, they don't seem to expect consequences.

Mark in DE said...

My friend Kerry says: "Its not a party until somebody loses an eye!"

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Yes they were both asshats!

NativeHoustonian said...

Wrong. This woman was standing in Stanford street (which was closed to traffic)taking a picture of the parade. HPD Mounted patrol hit her from behind, knocked her down and then trampled.

I know it's easy to make assumptions rather than rely on facts, but several dozen people witnessed this tragic incident. IAD knows what happened.


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