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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reader's Digest Condensed Version!

Sometimes at work when someone goes into "detail overload", the Boss will say "just give me the Reader's Digest Condensed version." Remember those odd books from the 60's and 70's that had like 4 titles "abridged" into one bound edition, so presumably one could read 4 books in the time it would normally take to read one. Momma G had hundreds of them!

Anyho, since everyone is SOOOO busy catching up after DDBW, I thought as a public service I would hit the highlights of what everyone is up to!

Miss Alaineus contemplates contentment and knock knock jokes,
Joy has a new passport photo,
and edder has fun with geometry (calculus?).

In world/political news:
Nutwood Beth makes a call to arms to totally jam the right-wing's anti-gay poll (Go, Beth Ann!),
Wonder Man outs the right wing oppressors,
Bob gives props to Hillary and drops on Obama,
and Dan remembers those lost in the Air France disaster.

And finally, in news from the Bunny Nation:

Zombie Mom sucked the memory out of everyone's cameras,
TrannyBeth continues her "dehomosexualization" exercizes (Dr. Eve, I don't thank this is WORKIN'!- GingerSnaps to the 'snap who ID's the source of that quote!),
Mark in DE posts his first round of DDBW pics,
Kailyn continues her attempt to detox,
and, Dust Bunnies, I regret to imform you that our dear
David Dust has lost touch with the world, suffering perhaps tragic data loss in his PC. He thinks it has a virus, but lets all just hope it's only hung over like the rest of us!
I leave you with 2 remaining pics- 1st, a rare and previously unpublished sighting of the elusive jotophurnalist, In'Ja:

and, at the request of my DARLING DD, a slightly retouched version of a previously published photo, focusing attention on the most important elements of the image. I hope you enjoy:


Beth said...

Mercy me, what a busy day! I think I've got the vapors! XOXO

Howard said...

Perfectly condensed!

Zombie Mom said...


It was woooonderful to meet and hang out! We really will have to do it again soon!!!

You are more fabulous than mere words can convey!!!


Inthehouse said...

Sordid Lives...."Dr. Eve, dont tell me I am not participating in my own recovery, I came down here without my wig on"

alnhouston said...

Brother Boy. "Sordid Lives"

Indigo said...

Wow, so much news in so few words. (Hugs)Indigo

Bob said...

And that's it in a nutshell.
Love the RD version!

Beth said...

oh honey, once you've been "homosexualized" there aint no goin back!!!

Joy said...

This is too hilarious! You covered it all!

Hugs to an excellent nephew!!! xoxoxoxox

Mark in DE said...

My grandparents loved them some Readers Digest Condensed novels.

It was wonderful to meet you!!

Joy said...

This reminds me about this guy at Dairy Queen many years ago. I had on my Women's Words t-shirt I bought at the Southern Festival of Writers. It had all these famous women authors' names on it and some drawings of a few of them like Jane Austen, etc. This guy who looked like Burgess Meredith kept squinting at my shirt trying to read it. (no, I am pretty sure he wasn't looking at my breastal area)

He looked at me and said, "Women's World. Women's World." I told him it was Women's Words. That got him going for a while longer in silence. I said it was a list of women writers. A light bulb went off over his head, and he asked, "Did any of them ever write for Reader's Digest?"

Stifling all the smartass remarks that went through my mind, I simply said, "I don't know."

Him: "You don't know? You don't know? There are some really good writers in there."



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