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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miss Ginger Admits her Stupidity.....

( this is gonna hurt!) (Be gentle!)

What's DOMA?


Dan said...

defense of marriage act.
saying homo's are a threat to traditional marriage and shouldn't be recognized on a federal level

David Dust said...

Oh Honey -

That's why God invented the Google!! When I don't know what the hell something is (which is about every 3 minutes) - I Google it and then pretend I knew it all along.

Gold Star to Dan for not having to Google DOMA :)


Bob said...

I think David desrves a Gold Star as well, because I giggled at "google DOMA."
Say it fats.
Soiunds like an old Tina Turner and Mel Gibson movie.
Think about it.

miss alaineus said...

i google at the time. sometimes me and mr. mischief have googled together and over the phone with each other.

look, a bunch of besses are sitting together at that table at the bess convention!!!!

have a safe trip.


Joy said...

Me, too! I google everything! Everyone was kind - but how could anyone be otherwise with you? :-)

Top of the line comments! Love 'em!


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