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Friday, June 5, 2009

Miss Ginger's RoundUp is Almost Here!

Miss Ginger is enjoying a quiet night at home after 3 days of business travel- exhausting business travel! She's taking it easy tonight, and then tomorrow she's got to get stuff ready for the RoundUp show on Sunday!
Lot's to do, since she has put off finding an outfit! She needs to go to a western wear store, which could be a bit intimidating, but hopefully she can get the lesbians to go with her! They won't look as conspicuous as Miss G will picking through racks of women's western attire!
She's also making some of her famous grub, since the only thing better than a drag queen is a drag queen who can cook! There's gonna be pork tenderloin and lotsa sides for those who are hongry! The party starts at 3pm and we'll get the show going around 4pm. Lots of people are out of town this weekend, so if you're in town, Miss G REALLY needs your support for this one! Our goal is to raise at least $8,000 for Legacy, and we really think we can make it happen! Come to the show to learn about Miss Ginger's "Fun With Math" episode, and bring your handful of ones, which will turn into a handful of 2's when you walk through the door! Funny thing about this magic math, though. It only work's on the money you drop into the tip bucket!
It's at the BRB this Sunday! Email Miss G at if you need more info!


Beth said...

Sounds like a great time, and I know you'll raise lots of money! Good luck! XO

Timmy said...

looking forward to it.

Zombie Mom said...

You would look cunning in a little pearlized flat button western shirt!!! I hope you get one of those crinoline skirts the gals wear for line dancing- OK - I wore one too and with the cowboy boots... OMG so cute, so prairie... have fun

Coelha :B said...

I hope the weekend goes well---it will---of course it will! :)

alnhouston said...

since i forgot the roundup:( please put me down for $50. please let me know where to send it.


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