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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting to Know You!

The FABULOUS and gorgeous Edder over at I Don't Care for Your Tone posted a little feature on her blog that Miss Ginger really enjoyed, and she decided to do one as well. BTW- I really liked the way she put this one out there! No lists or emails compelling others to participate, just a little comment that basically said "I enjoyed doing this and you might, too!"
So, here goes:

I CAN'T... well with whiners- STFU and do something about it!
...bear looking at disfigured people. It breaks my heart and makes me squeamish. a guitar. I have tried to learn and it just seemed all backwards!
...maintain an intimate relationship. I always sabotage them. There must be baggage there but I haven't found it yet.
...stand to hear the sound of my own voice!
...cook, sew, craft, and build: all in 4 inch heels if I have to!
...listen to your concerns and offer an outside perspective.
...speak to a crowd, sing in front of others, and generally entertain the masses! a responsible adult when that's what's required.
...rally the cause- either "for" or "against", depending on the situation!

I WON'T... you if you won't help yourself.
...stand in a long line- very few things are as precious to me as time!
...let negative people bring me down. I have had to learn to push them back.
...wash my own car, cut my own grass, or clean my own house. I can do more important things with my time, and these activities provide livelihood to others!
...go to the ends of the world to help you make a better life for yourself!
...always respect the memory of my ancestors.
...fulfill my commitments to the best of my ability.
...listen to your side of the story.

...say "I'll just have one!" I never have just one of anything! so quick to write people off as "not worth my time". so much.
...bite off more than I can chew.
...quit making excuses and get more exercize!
...organize my thoughts with the same focus that I use to organize "things". to my brothers and family more.
...overcome my impatience with politics and get more involved in how I can affect change. something every single day that will make me a better person than I was yesterday!

Now. wasn't that "cleansing" to the soul! Try it yourself if you've a mind to! I look forward to getting to know you better!


Dannelle said...

wow- can you say catharsis of the soul? I don't know if I want to be that honest...Dannelle

Bob said...

I think I may give it a shot.

edder said...

I love it! Thanks, Miss G. Great list.

Joy said...

Love this list and love you! I totally identify with you on many of those! I can just see us together both wanting to talk at the same time and still hearing what the other one says!

I echo all of your "I Can't" list and most of your "Shoulds" and "Shouldn'ts"!

I'll post this next week.

Beth said...

I really enjoyed your answers! Although like Dannelle, I'm not sure I want to be that honest...! XO

Sam said...

So many similar I cant's and I will's. Its a wonder I'm crazy about ya.

Zombie Mom said...

I love this list and think I may pilfer this idea.... This post also makes me want to have some quality time with Ms. G.


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