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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Might as well get this over with....

Rest in peace, MJ, FF, DC, and EMcM.

Who will be next to join you on that bright red carpet in the sky?


behrmark said...

I've heard people talking about Patrick Swayze being the "next to go." It's really a crapshoot isn't it. I don't think anyone expected, anticipated, predicted, etc. today's events.

Oh and don't ask why this popped into my head but...isn't Carol Channing still (barely) alive?

Eric Arvin said...

It will break my heart when Angela Lansbury die. Ugh! She and Madonna would be the only two that might impact me with super strength

Wonder Man said...

this is sad

edder said...

It's always sad when celebrities pass away -- okay, usually it's sad when celebrities pass away -- but here are the people who will cause me to call in sick at work:

1. James Taylor
2. Cher
3. Peter Coyote

and maybe Donny Osmond. If he were to pass away while I was nursing a cold, I'd consider calling in.

Anonymous said...

What's up w/Elizabeth Taylor?

Howard said...

I can't even conceive of who will be next. I never would have even guessed about MJ today.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Anon: She's old and decrepit!

Joy said...

Not Betty White! I want her to live forever! Her death will be a hard one for me.

Yes, Edder, I will have a hard time with those, too. Natasha Richardson's death was such a shock that I'm still not over it. I miss John Lennon, too.

And yet Keith Richards lives on.

MadeInScotland said...

Oh la la. Not Liza. God, I have a ticket to see her in Paris!!!!!

But if it is, then I know I'm cursed!!!

I acknowledge the loss of a legend. I remember staying up late to watch the premiere of Thriller on Ch4. I think he was groundbreaking. I admired his music.

(BTW, do you really think he is dead?)

Mark in DE said...

How about Courtney Love... have you SEEN photos of her lately? Skin and bones. So sad.

"Tommy" said...

Time marchs on....

theminx said...

Gale Storm!

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