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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miss Ginger Weighs in on World Politics!

Today Miss Ginger saw a bunch of Iranian nationals protesting outside of the Galleria in response the the election results in their homeland. From what I can gather, they feel that the winner of the election "stole" the election and that it was not a fair vote. Their slogan was "where is my vote?" which I didn't really understand, since when they came to the United States, I'm pretty sure they gave up the right to vote in elections in their native country.
And while Miss G respects the right of all to free speech, she's not really sure how they think a demonstration outside a ritzy shopping mall in Houston, Texas is going to do much to change the state of politics in their homeland. I mean, really, what will waving signs at the passing Benz's of the big-haired River Oaks ladies leaving Neiman-Marcus do to help the cause? They were also doing this in REALLY bad traffic, as it was 5:30pm and most certainly everyone whizzing past the Galleria at that time was much more focused on happy hour than they were at changing world politics. In Houston, we are used to dodging the ocassional homeless beggar with our cars; not so much mobs of screaming Iranians. It was all quite disturbing and made Miss G wish she had not vowed to give up pinot grigio. She really could have used a glass when she got home!


Kailyn said...

They probably did give up their right to vote in Iran if and when they became American citizens. However, many countries allow people to retain their citizenship even after becoming American citizens. And as far as their choice of location for their protest? Got your attention, didn't it? And that's probably what it was all about. Because sadly, it seems that most Americans don't notice what is going on in their own city, let alone somewhere else in the world.

Joy said...

Good point, Kailyn.

frogponder said...

Being Canadian born and a US citizen
(American parents) I still have rights from Canada if I wish to exercise them. I don't, but it is kind of nice to know I'd be accepted back in the Old Country ;-)

Beth said...

As the others said, I think there were some here that were still able to cast their votes. I think it was probably a measure of "solidarity" with people in their homeland--I'm sure many of them still have family there. It's heartbreaking to see the pictures and video coming out of there, and I hope it made us all remember how fortunate we are here. XO Beth

Timmy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Timmy said...

Where's the outrage with what the Obama administration is doing with DOMA?

You wanna bring commerce to halt in the Galleria and get attention? Get every gay and lesbian that works there to walk out and protest on Westheimer & Post Oak. Cash registers will come to a halt. Hair dos and hair don'ts won't get finished.

Just sayin'! :-)

mistress maddie said...

Oh honey, you do crack my ass up! This a a fuuny post. And if you were un-nerved by it, I say have a nice glass of wine!!! Take care!

Sam said...

Maybe the Iranian people will overcome, and get the true person elected. unlike the americans that just accepted the fact the George W. Bush stole his first presidency.

Anonymous said...

I agree-you sure didn't see these people protesting the Iran hostages in the early 80's or any other misjustice in the Middle East towards americans or westerners. It seems unfair that people from other countries can have dual rights and votes, but americans have no rights or respect for our views in the their country. Fix your own countries problems there, it is not the job of americans to right all your wrongs. We struggle w/ours enough. MBC


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