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Monday, March 30, 2009

I just ADORE a FREE-way view...

darling, I love you , but give me Park Avenue!

I loves me some Eva Gabor.... the classier of the 2 sisters!
Here I sit in my lovely freeway-view room at the luxurious Baton Rouge Marriott sipping my P.G. (Cavit) and telling you lovely people about my lovely day. The store is the same as it ever was.We shared that with our boss a dinner.
Many of you have sent your condolences and advice about my upcoming gastroinstenal endoscopy! Rest assured, dear readers: this is not Miss G's first. The FABULOUS Daddy G left our gurl with the genetics of a colon cancer statistic, so our gurl (who, for those who are interested, is a resgistered TOP!) had her first "anal exploration" at the age of 40, and is now on the 3 year plan. You do the math!
She is accutely aware of the pleasures of Holly "GoLytley!" Gotta love that pineapple flavor!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Packin' Her Bags and Hittin' the Road!

Miss Ginger has a 7am flight to NOLA in the morning- ugh! She hates alarm clocks with a passion! It's been a long weekend, and it's going to be an even longer workweek with awards luncheons, visits, and lots of driving between the stores! She doesn't get back to Chez Ginger until Friday evening! Hopefully next weekend there's nothing going on so Miss G can get some rest and get some more things done around the house!
She has let so many "life chores" pile up that she's taking a "staycation" the week after Easter to catch up on it all! Then she can schedule her car for service, veterinary appointments for the kids, a dental appointment that 2 months overdue, and her hugely anticipated colonoscopy!! Fun times in store for Miss G!

Starting a Collection for David Dust-

No, honey, don't send any money! Although I'm sure he would love that if we did! But I think would should help him collect photos of every Arby's in America! It will be easy- we drive past them all the time! So pull out that camera phone and snap a photo! And while you're their, pull in and get some of those new loaded potato bite things they have! They're kind of like a McDonald's hash brown but they have cheese and bacon in them... heavenly!

Wait, I got off-track. So snap a picture of Arby's in your neighborhood, on your way to work, etc. Let's start by trying to get an Arby's in every state! We already have the world headquarters in Atlanta!
So here's Arby's in West Oaks Mall, Houston, TX.

David: you have to check them off as we 'snap em!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Krewe-a-thon Continues!

This weekend is referred to as the "Krewe-a-thon", because it's such a big weekend for us. Last night we held out "Campaign Party", which Miss G hosted, where all of the people who are going to run for a board position bring food or snacks to "schmooze" the other Krewe members into voting for them. It's all in fun, but it's serious business!
Then today was the Annual Meeting with the election of the new board of directors. This is really important because in addition to the President, Vice-president, etc., we elect the Ball Captain. This is a moment of suspense for 2 reasons. First, the Ball Captain will decide upon the theme of the Ball, the location and date, the colors, and every thing else about the ball itself. Even more important, the Ball Captain has the honor of naming the royalty for the following year.
Miss G is pleased with the outcome of the elections, and is especially happy that SandsandAndy were elected as Ball Co-captains! She's even more pleased that she can finally reveal, now that they have been elected, that they have asked Miss G to be one of their 2 Ball Lieutenants!! Miss Ginger is so excited to serve as Lieutenant, especially since this is Ball 40 (we use roman numerals, so it's Ball XL!) Can you believe this was started back in the early 70's, when Miss G was just a little faglette? What a long what she has come!
Anyho, hos, you can expect lots of ball blogging over the next year. But, Miss G won't tell the theme, she won't reveal her costume, and she certainly won't leak the names of the royalty... no matter how drunk you get her. But you're welcome to try!
Now it's time for early bedtime. When the group decided to go to Tia's for mexican after the meeting, Miss G suspected it wasn't a good idea. But as she recanted all the little rhymes Daddy Ginger taught her ("beer on liquor, you'll get sicker", "beer on wine, you'll be fine", etc.) she couldn't recall as single one that started "tequila on vodka..." so she figured she'd be okay. So far, so go. I guess we'll know tomorrow! Stay tuned, my little 'snaps!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Miss Ginger Makes Lemonade!

Today could have been a really crappy day but it actually turned out okay!

First off, Miss G had to work in College Station today, which is not her favorite agenda! The store is like an hour and a half away, and it's old, tiny, and dumpy. So Miss G got her Starbuck and hit the road, and as she past the last of Houston's strip malls and got into open country she realized it was bluebonnet season! If you've never driven on Texas highways during bluebonnet season, you really should put it on your list. It's not as fabulous as fall leaves, I'm sure, but this was a really good year with perfect conditions, so the roadsides are covered with clouds of blue blossoms!
Once she got to Aggieland, she reached into her bag to pull out her laptop, and soon realized she didn't have the power adapter. Mentally retracing her steps, she realized she must have left it at the Hyatt Regency after she made a presentation at an awards banquet yesterday, so she was SOL at that point. But luckily, the HR Admin who had worked with the banquet staff at the hotel had retrieved the cord, so Miss G just had to pick it up at the office after she got back into town.
As she was returning to Houston, the skies darkened and we had one of those rainstorms that can only happen on the Gulf coast! The world turned black, and windshield wipers can't wipe fast enough to provide much visibility. Miss G inched her way into downtown, and realized she was lucky, because the store was still open, so she could walk from the parking garage to the store in the underground tunnel and not get soaked on the streets. Another silver lining from a really gray cloud!
When she got to her desk, sitting right next to the power cord was a box from Harry and David that Miss G knew contained the thoughtful gift basket sent by everyone's favorite blogging trucker, Tugboat! So it was a great day, with no frustrations and no upsets! "Better living through chemicals", Miss G always says!
Oh, and a postscript for DD, who commented on Miss G's last post that Miss G was inviting a stalker by publishing her performance schedule: "Gurl, don't you a know a stalker is every drag queens dream come true?! Finally, she gets the undivided attention she so richly deserves!!!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check out Miss Ginger's Newest Feature!

Miss G's appearance calendar will now "appear" at the top of the side bar- for now and forever! Keep up with our gurl's comings and goings (lately she's been going a lot more than she's been coming, if ya get my drift!) Anywhore, it's your one stop information center for all things Ginger!!! And if you can't make it to one of the citys in Miss G's exclusive tour, her causes are more than happy to accept your donations by check, charge, or food stamps! Just send money, bitches- these heels are killing me!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miss Ginger Stops Herself....

before she totally "blogjacks" DD's comment section in response to her Drag Race recap! Bitch, you are WAY funnier than Chelsea Handler, and I LOVE her!
You should replace Ross or that funny looking chick on her show!
Anyway, among my comments are that Miss Ginger would LOVE to be on the next season of RpDR! She's not sure she has the energy and stamina to make it to the final 3, but her sewing abilities alone should keep her from pulling a Pork Chop!
Let's expound upon Tammie's headband for a sec. We are unanimous that the bitch has gone start raving mad! "Chico and the Man!" LMAO! I was thinking "Ricky Ricardo", but then, I'm older than you! (Tammie, you got some 'splainin' to do!)
And Shanell's ass?! WTF?! The late Daddy Ginger (God rest his soul) would have used one of his wacky WWII sayings: "Must be jelly 'cause jam don't shake like that!" Can you say flabby? If my butt jiggled like that I'd be corralling it into a nice tight pair of Spanx, not wiggling it in a thong on national TV!

Next up, Ongina, Shannel, and Rebecca joined the others. Ongina was her usual adorable self. Rebecca was her usual attractive self. And Shannel looked like someone’s Aunt Hedda going to her nephew's Bar Mitzvah. Oy.
Gurl- are you taking the same drugs as Merle and Santino? Attractive? She looks like she just finished the night shift at McBlowjobs. Or she just unloaded the freight at WhoresRUs. Or worked the sheets all night at Bitch, Bath and Beyond. She is not pretty! I'm not sure why everyone was so enamoured!

Anyway, I totally hope there is another season. My biggest fear is that ABC will pick up RuPaul to host a new show to follow "Dancing with the Stars". It would be called- (cue the drumroll)
Sharon Osborne, eat your heart out!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Miss Ginger Hopes Her Squeal of Delight...

didn't deafen you when she found out that RuPaul's Drag Race would be a "double D" cup tonight with the finale episode AND a reunion show! Methinks Miss G has died and gone to heaven!
SPOILER ALERT- If you ain't watched your DVR'a yet, what the hell you waitin' for? Stop reading and go watch, or Miss G's gonna spoil it for ya!
Miss G got kinda nervous for a while toward the beginning of the show when the producers started really pumping the whole Rebecca Glascock thing. It's like, on Top Chef, you can tell who's going home after the 1st 15 minutes because they keep showing the same person in various stages of vulnerability. But this is RuPaul, so I was really worried they were going to f%$k with us! Turns out, Rebecca was a loser wiht a capital "L"! And if the screwed up challenges and being late for her video weren't nail in the coffin enough, her tic tac lunch with Ru was enough to put her Six Feet Under.
I loved me some Nina Flowers all along! She's such a sweetie, and a truly beautiful person. When I saw her look in the first episode Miss G thought "Oh, I'm not gonna like her!", but she quickly won me over with her humor, soul, style, and her clever sense of self. I think we will see more of Miss Nina Flowers on national TV. I certainly hope so!
On to the reunion show, Miss G was charmed by Pork Chop and a bit disappointed in Miss Tammie Brown. Pork Chop was charming, gracious, and elegant. Tammie, who Miss G resespects for her respect of 40's glamour, came across a bitter, shallow, and tacky. Miss G is no longer a fan, she hates to say.
And then there's Shanell. God love Shanell! How many people do we know like her, who are blessed with the beauty of a goddess, the talent of a Barrymore, and the self-esteem of a circus flea! She is a hot man and a gorgeous babe, but she is so insecure that she needs to be told that 24/7? Honey, we didn't get into this because it would make the world love us! We got into it to say to the world: "go f&^^k yourself if you don't like what you see!" You need to practice the lipsync to this song, girl:

Anyho, Miss Bebe Zahara Benet won the crown, and I think she totally deserved it. She had poise, talent, and showmanship (showwomanship?) beyond compare, and she showed versatility, class, and style! Plus, she showed "Cleverness, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent",
which is what the world looks for in a drag queen!
Congrats, Miss Bebe Zahara Benet! I consider it an honor to call you "my Queen!"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who knew?

that Saturday night could be so much fun! Last Thursday, Miss Tony called and said: "Miss Ginger, if you're free Satruday evening, we'd love to have you at our table at the Diana's Saturday night!" Translated, that means :"we racked our brains trying to think of someone we knew who owns a tuxedo who will be sitting at home alone on Saturday night. Let's call Ginger!"
Anyway, Miss G had heard of the Diana's but had never actually attended one of their functions, so she was kind of curious!
The event was held at the Houston Zoo, which seemed like kind of a strange venue to Miss G but it turned out to be perfect! She was kind of concerned that she would look odd arriving at the zoo in a tux, but then she realized that if she just followed the parade of gay men in formal attire through the parking lot she would end up in the right place!

Did you ever notice how the tuxedo is the great equalizer? I mean, what man doesn't look good in a tux? I don't mean those stupid pastel blue things high school boys wear to prom, or those crazy nerhu things the scruffy stars in Hollywood wear. I'm talkin' solid black, satin collar, stripe-down-the-leg formal that makes fat men look skinny and skinny men look HOT!

Anyho, the Zoo turned out to be a loveley place to have such an event, and the Houston Zoo was clearly well-rehearsed at hosting such an event, with in-house catering and everything.

The Diana event itself is silly and kinda stupid, but it does command Miss G's respect in terms of longevity! It has existed since 1956, when a group of gay men got together to watch the Oscars- probably at the home of the only one who owned a TV- and I don't mean a tranny! Since then, they have incorporated as a foundation and give money to great charities that Miss G supports, so it was inevitable that she would someday connect with them!

The highlight of the evening was a "stage show" put on by the sea lions at the zoo, and it was entertaining and educational. Do YOU know how to tell a seal from a sea lion? Sea lions have ear flaps, whereas seals just have pinholes. Sea lions tuck their tail under to form back feet and walk on "all fours", seals just flop on their bellies on dry land and can't really walk. And sea lions can jump 10 feet above the surface of the water; seals can only swim. So now you know!

Heidi Klum, eat your heart out!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Phone a Friend!

Miss Ginger is lingering at 39 followers! Can't somebody "phone a friend" to get her over the hill?

Speaking of phoning, Miss Ginger has been accused of "phoning it in" when she blogs about articles from the Houston Chronicle. But really, sometimes she's feeling bloggish and there's nothing going on in her little life, but there's always something in this big city that her readers will find interesting, and it's not like they read the Chron every day!

Here's an article that Miss G find's intriguing, so let's put on our Miss Marple hats and figure this out.
This middle eastern kid who is a student at University of Houston calls his mom on a Friday evening and says he's leaving school and will be to their suburban home in 30 minutes. He never makes it, and he goes missing for like 2 weeks. The police look for him, but they have no leads, so they stop looking after one day. Fast-forward 2 weeks to yesterday, and some chick stops by an auto repair shop where she had parked her SUV 2 weeks earlier to have it repaired. She goes to get something out of the car, and when she opens it up she finds this kid dead in the driver's seat. On the passenger seat is some sort of booklet all burned up, and some of the plastic has melted, but the car is pretty much intact. The kid has died of smoke inhalation. The police investigate a bit and discovered that the kid had used a credit card earlier that night at Rich's, a nightclub which is sometimes gay and sometimes not and Miss Ginger can't really even keep track anymore. (Coincidentally, this is the club where Miss Mint Julep and the Mystery/Fantasy ball are held!)
The police visit the club and find surveilance video of the kid leaving the club alone, and they interview friends of his that say "yes, indeed, we did see him at Rich's that night." (Where were these kids 2 weeks ago when this all began?!)
Now meanwhile, this kids has missed a court appearance for a burgulary charge, so there's a warrant out for his arrest.
With all these random pieces of the puzzle dangling out there, the police have decided that it was either suicide or accident and they don't think any foul play is involved. What do YOU think?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Weekend in the Closet!

Boy Ginger has spent almost the whole weekend in the closet! No, he hasn't made a shocking lifestyle change, other than that he's not going to live with Miss Ginger's clutter anymore! Ya see, Jimbo and Dan both posted shots of their newly organized closets, and it made Boy G think "dayum, I'd hate for anybody to see my closet right now! At least not Ginger's side!" In addition to sharing a body (most parts of it, anyway) Ginger and the Boy share a huge walk-in closet, custom built when the house was remodeled a few years back. Boy G is pretty good about keeping his side neat, and Celia does his laundry and puts it back perfectly so his side stays pretty organized. Miss Ginger's side is another story! She typically comes home drunk and tired, throws her clothes, shoes, and bag in a corner and doesn't touch them again until the next time she's getting ready for a show and thinks: "I wonder where my boobs are?" So it was time for some purging and organization, so now she has room for everything! So, here's the tour:
The entrance to the closet is dead center, just a few steps from the laundry room, and it divides Boy's side and Ginger's side. Boy's side faces the side street, and a large window was needed to keep the facade of the house balanced. The kitties were the beneficiary of this design fortune, because it created a little window seat for them that Jackson happily models in these photos.
Miss Ginger's side is to the right of the entrance, and she gets a smaller window that faces the back of the house, thus leaving room for a few more drawers of unmentionables. And for those of you who may not know, there is little on Earth that is more unmentionable than the lingerie worn by a sweaty drag queen after performing in a hot, stuffy, bar. As a matter of fact, I'm sorry I mentioned it!
Miss Ginger also created a little sewing area for herself so she doesn't have to pull the machine out and set it up everytime she needs to whip up a little couture that actually fits her largish frame!
And, both Gingers just LOVE shoes, as you can see!

Miss G has a show tonight at the BRB (8pm, locals! Be there!) That bitch better not come home drunk and trash it!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boy Ginger Helps to Select Mr. BRB!

Tonight, Boy Ginger had a great time serving a a judge for the Mr./Ms./Miss BRB Contest. Really, it was only a contest for Mr., since Ms. and Miss ran unapposed! Anyho, Mr. BRB is Steven Bunch, a handsome and friendly man that Miss G has come to know and respect over the last couple of years. Ms. BRB is the inimitable Chris "Sushi" Valk, whom Miss G loves dearly. And Miss BRB is Kimberly Ann O'Neil, who recently stepped down from her reign as the Empress of ERSICSS. Sunday night is their appreciation show at the BRB, and Miss Ginger herself will be making an appearance, so be sure to take a nap on Sunday afternoon so you can come to the 8pm show and cheer her on!
Several 'snaps have asked "what is BRB?" so Miss G, ever the teacher, will take a moment to educate you on some Texas "lore" and history. (We love our "lore" here in Texas!)

The BRB is the "Brazos River Bottom", the oldest continuously operating gay country and western bar in the US. That's our claim and we're sticking to it! The BRB has been operating under the same name in the same location for 31 years, so that is pretty much an icon of the community! The Brazos River runs through the middle of Texas from the central plains to the Gulf of Mexico, about and crosses the state about midway between Houston and Austin. And the BRB sits on Brazos street, midway between the downtown Skyscraper District and Montrose, Houston's gayborhood. When Miss G first came to Houston in the mid-80's the BRB sat by itself in this kinda scary "urban forest" which was really the overgrown foundations of homes long torn down, and had become a campground for Houston's "urban campers", otherwise known as "the homeless."

Anyho, toward the end of the '90's, some smart developer deemed this area be called "Midtown" and began building apartment buildings, lofts, and nighlife at breakneck speed. Midtown remains Houston's trendy area, and the suburbanites flock into town on weekends to party, club, and "be scene" in Houston's "velvet rope" establishments. And here in the middle of all this sits the BRB, in all it's faded glory!

I'll tell more about it and try to get some pics after the show on Sunday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Miss Ginger is Duly Honored!

Miss Ginger is pleased as punch that she has been asked to be a judge for the "Mr./Miss BRB" Contest this coming Friday! You can expect a full recap since you won't see this show on Logo!
Miss G will take the job very seriously, since she considered running for Miss BRB until her day job's schedule conflicted. To the contestants, "I have one thing to say!" "May the best WOMAN win!" and "DON'T fuck it up!"

Monday, March 9, 2009

RpDR- The Final 3!

We're down to the Final Three on Rupaul's Drag Race, and Miss G has to say she's a little surprised that one of the three made it! This won't be a recap- so if you haven't seen the episode, check it out at

Miss Ginger KNEW that Nina Flowers would make it to the final 3. That girl has personality! And even though her look is often severe, she showed her versatility tonight as she transformed herself into a more realistic persona. Her evening gown in the final round worried me, because it really was not very pretty, but was clearly well made, and it did suit her persona.

Bebe Zahara Benet may be a contender for the prize. She totally gets the concept of "elegance", and she knows what looks good on her. She exudes class, and Miss Ginger thinks that's important for America's Next Drag Superstar!

Shannel had it going on until the last minute, in Miss G's humble opinion. The girl is gorgeous, and in her "executive" outfit she looked just like Kirstie Ally! The editors kinda foreshadowed the ending when they started showing all those clips of her whining about how she had been judged unfairly, or how she felt like she should have one a challenge that she lost. The girl has self-esteem somewhere in the stratosphere- you gotta hand her that! Of course, maybe that's where she works- at the Stratosphere!

But when she was the fourth to answer the question "who would you send home" and she said she wanted to go home because she felt like she had been judged unfairly, Miss G just had to roll her eyes and mutter "drama queen!" I'm not sure how that played into Ru's decision, but I have to say that when she and Rebecca "lipsync'd for their lives", Shannel looked like someone's grandma out there trying to be "cool". It was a terrible performance, and Rebecca may have cinched it there if she wasn't ahead already!

And speaking of Rebecca Glasscock.... Her makeup is never blended as skillfully as the other girls. Her wardrobe tends to be bland and very "off the rack". Her wigs look like they came right out of the bag. She totally had a meltdown in the "Media Mogul" challenge. Yet she survives, episode after episode. Miss G is bewildered. I get that the girl has "potential". But this is about Cleverness, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. There is no "P" in there. And if there is, you'd better head to the gyno, stat! Or is that the urologist? Oh, hell, sometimes even Miss G gets confused!

Anyho, now we're down to Nina, Bebe, and Rebecca. Or in Miss G's mind, we're down to Nina and Bebe. And she thinks Bebe will win. Who do you think will win? And who will get Miss Congeniality? I think that will be Ongina.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gardening, Day 2!

A second day of gardening has left the grounds at Chez Ginger presentable, but there's still lots of work to be done! And, there are no pics, because by the time Boy G finished powerwashing the flagstone patio, it was too dark to take photos! The G's LOVE Daylight Savings Time, because it give them extra time in the evenings to get things done! Miss Ginger wishes we would stay on it all year long! Who cares if we go to work in the dark? Anyway, we'll get some pics posted when we can.
The "color of the year" this year is pink, so there's pink geraniums and petunias in abundance. And some Dusty Miller to brighten things up! Dusty Miller doesn't flower, but Miss G loves any plant that has a fabulous drag name! (And it holds up well in our Texas heat!)

What are you planting this year?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Miss G is WORE OUT!!

That's wore- there's no "H"! And she's tired because she gardened all day long! The beds and planters are all a mess since the ex left, and with the sprinler broken, she hasn't seen any point in replanting. But now that the sprinkler is fixed she has no excuse! So she's pulled weeds, thrown out dead plants, killed others that she hates because they are too invasive, and hauled pots and dirts around until she can't haul no more! She's sore and tired, and still has a mess on her hands so she can't even post pics! Tomorrow will be clean up and replant day, and hopefully there will be something picworthy by the end of the day!
She did find a tiny little baby turtle in the yard, which, as she figured, was an excapee from the neighbor, who breeds turtles in his yard. He said I probably have a momma and more babies back there somewhere, because that turtle was a newborn, and way too tiny to have made it from his yard. So, tomorrow Miss G continues Mission Turtle Rescue!

PS: Did you know a group of baby turtles is called a "clutch" of turtles?! How gay is that?!

Friday, March 6, 2009

What Kinda 'mo ARE You, Andy?!

Was anybody else as DISGUSTED as Miss Ginger at Andy Cohen's appearance on the Top Chef Reunion show?! I have 2 words for ya, gurl: MANSCAPING and WHITESTRIPS!!! All that unkempt fur fluffing out of your shirt was not hot, it was ugly! (This is national TV, not "the Manhole"!) And those yellow teeth- ugh! There are thousands of cosmetic dentists in Manhattan! Find one! Or just go to Duane Reade if you're on a budget! If last night was the best ya got, I'm guessing Bravo's not paying you much!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drag Queen Showdown!

SPOILER ALERT: If you are not caught up on RuPaul's Drag Race, where the hell have you been for 3 days!

A loyal reader expressed dissapointment that Miss Ginger had not opined about last Monday's RuPaul's Drag Race, and, never wanting to be one to fail a ready, Miss G happily obliges!

The challenge for the girls this week was to take a bunch of female (aka lesbian) kickboxers and make them over into their own drag image. Miss Ginger actually has some experience in this art, because here in H-town our own ShyAnne sponsors a similar contest called "Dykie Diva" every spring where we do exactly that! Miss Ginger's dyke won 2 years ago!

Anyway, the contest worked it's way down to Bebe and Ongina, who had to "lipsync for their life!" Many were surprised Ongina lost. RuPaul actually had to take a dramatic break to compose herself before she could come back and tell Ongina to "sashay away." It was a pretty close call. Here's Miss G's take on the 2.

Bebe Zahara Benet comes across as a true drag "diva" with a capital "D". She is from Cameroon, and speaks with an elegant accent, and often dresses in costuming that is authentically African or African inspired. I think she takes the art of illusion very seriously, and works hard at creating a look that is dramatic, glamorous, and mysterious. She succeeds at those goals, but my take is that the judges feel like she does not really connect with the audience. You gotta connect, gurl, or those queens will just rip ya to shreds!

Ongina is the "cute as a button" high-energy Asian girl whose look Miss Ginger almost considers "genderfuck" instead of true drag. Her makeup is typically all woman, but she generally doesn't wear a wig on her shaved head, instead opting for funky hats or silly headpieces. She doesn't tuck, although for her I'm not sure that's an issue (unlike Rebecca Hugecock!) She bared her soul a couple of episodes ago when she revealed on national TV that she is HIV positive, something she had not previously shared with anyone, including her family. It was a touching moment, and it endeared her to the audience and judges, who already liked her because she is a performer who truly connects.

Anyway, for the lipsync that had to this obscure song that Miss G has never heard, and I gott tell ya, Bebe really brought it! It was the kind of song one would expect from Ongina, and we got from Ongina what we expected, but Bebe threw herself into the challenge and really saved herself.

I think that Ongins is adorable, and funny, and will have a great career as a drag performer and cabaret artist. But of the two, and think Bebe more perfectly embodies the goal: "our next Drag Superstar!"

So we're down to Rebecca, Bebe, Shanell, and Nina. Check out the full episodes that got them there at And check back next week for Miss G's expert opinions!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slow News Day!

Not a lot to blog about- can't even find a juicy story in the Chronicle to get me riled up! There were a few tidbits, but I just can't too excited about them- maybe Miss Ginger is overmedicated!
So here are the headlines- in a tranny flash!
Dateline Galveston- some asshole held the door open at "the Undercurrent" while some other asshole threw rocks in. 3 queens got bonked on the head, but the bitches that hang out there are such drunks they prolly didn't feel it. The police are calling it a hate crime.
Dateline Dallas- some asshole jumped out of an American Airlines plane after it landed at DFW while it was waiting on the tarmac. Just bussed right up past those stewardesses that were sitting there, moved that huge honkin' handle all by himself before anyone stopped him, and slip down the ensuing slide into the waiting arms of 2 luggage handlers who hauled him to the cops. I guess he's in the pokey now.
Dateline Canada- some asshole who chopped a mans head of on a Greyhound bus and then ate him in front of all the other passengers plead "not guilty". The devil made him do it. Swear to God! (He ain't from these parts!)
Dateline Huntsville- some asshole who murdered an old lady at gunpoint was put to death by lethal injection. We do that here in Texas. Hope he got a fair trial, 'cause there ain't no going back now!

Not the greatest news, but I don't make the shit up, folks. I just report it!
This is Miss Ginger Grant, saying "Good night, and good riddance!"

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Do you ever start to comment on someone else's blog, and then stop yourself so you don't commit "blogjacking?" Miss Ginger doesn't do it often enough, and she apologizes profusly for her gaff if she has "jacked" any of your comment sections!
But sometimes you read a post that so provocative that you just have to let it out! So this post references one made by Sheria on her blog, The Examined Life. (Check her out!)
Sheria blogged on the poor judgement of several reporters, cartoonists, and business people who had produced works that many percieved as racist. Because she truly has a beautiful soul, I think she was much more understanding of the ingorance that created these "works" than I would have been!
It made me think about the way society "groups" and "labels" people, and how those labels can be perceived as "politically correct" or "not". And how they are not applied consistently.
My ancestors came to this country from Germany. My Grandfather was born there, and because of his heavy accent, the people in the small town where I grew up nicknamed him "Dutch". It was not meant to be mean spirited, and he didn't take it that way. When he had a son, he proudly nicknamed him "Dutchie", and I still call him "Uncle Dutchie" to this day. But I don't consider myself a "German American", but simply "American". Even though one of my favorite family heirlooms is a cuckoo clock. And I've been known to wear leiderhosen!

No one even thinks of my "Germanity" as a minority, even though there are probably more people of Italian, English, Mexican, or African decent in the US than Germans. Why are "African Americans" considered a minority, but "German Americans" are not? Miss Ginger doesn't even like the word "minority"- it seems demeaning.

I'm not sure how others feel, but Miss Ginger thinks it's interesting that people within my same "minority" can call me anything they want, but you'd better say it like you mean it! For example, when I am flamboyant, a gay man can say to me "you are such a fag!" which I would take as a compliment. But my coworkers better not say that or I'd be in HR before you knew what hit you! (probably my purse!) And another drag queen can say to me "gurrrl, you are one fierce tranny!", but that's kinda weird if you're not a drag queen (or at least a drag aficianado!) And NO ONE calls me a tranny ho' and gets away with it: I will CUT you! (Just kidding- a little tranny humor there. I have never actually cut anyone except myself. And not on purpose. I'm not one of those goth girls who cuts herself!)

This post had a point- which I've lost. But I think is was:

"Why can't we just all love each other- dammit!"

And I personally think the President should be able to plant whatever he wants at the White House! Who says it has to be roses? When Miss Ginger becomes the first drag queen president, here is what she will plant:

What a Whirl!

Things have been a whirl of activity at Chez Ginger this weekend. Saturday morning was dreary, cold, and windy, so Miss G sent the Boy out to do "truck errands" while she stayed home and rested. Cat food, kitty litter, sodas, beer, laundry- all the stuff that's too big to fit in Miss G's car anyway.
By the time the errands were done and the naps were finished, the clouds had blown away and we were left with a beautiful, sunny day. Miss G opened all the windows to air out the house and went into an OCD frenzy of cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering. She started with the pantry, which led to the freezer. It took most of the afternoon to finish that up, so once that was done she made her list for the garden center so she could start out there this morning.

The sprinkler that was damaged by last week's drunk driver had to be replaced, but since the sprinkler system hasn't worked in about 8 months, that had to be fixed first. Something was wrong with the automatic programming feature, so clever Miss G just erased the whole thing and then reprogrammed in manually. Fingers crossed that the yard will be damp when Miss G awakens!

Once the sprinkler was in place, she planted a few flowers in the torn up section of the bed and redid a planter that has been sitting empty on the fence since last summer.

Now she's ready to reward herself with an adult bev or 2 and relax with the kitties in front of the TV!


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