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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Houston Pride Dampened by Injury.

Upon arriving at the parade site last night, Miss Ginger was thrilled to see the large number of Houston's finest out on the streets. If you recall, she has ranted about the lack of crowd control last year, so this year she was very glad to see mounted police and police barricades. She's used to seeing those, because they are used every weekend in her native New Orleans to keep tourists safe in the French Quarter.

As she walked the parade, she saw the mounted police, in troops of three, riding along inside the barricade line to "remind" over anxious children not to hop the barricades or leave the sidewalk. The parade moved very smoothly this year, because there were not crowds of people swarming the floats and walkers trying to collect beads and throws.

Apparently, this grown woman needed plastic trinkets so badly that she chose to step into the street to collect them. She was looking the other direction as the police approaced her with whistles and shouted commands. Clearly, she didn't realize the police were yelling at her, so the officer, as he is trained to do, inched the horse forward toward her. Some say the horse got spooked, but I doubt this is the case since those horses are highly trained to cope with crowds as their primary duty. There would be no reason for HPD to keep a horse that is easily spooked by crowds. Anyway, she lost her footing, and ended up being stepped on by the horse, which probably did spook at that point because it is trained NOT to have people underneath it!

Anyway, the poor lady got pretty mangled. I feel sorry for her. I really do.

However, her husband, of course, is being an asshat. "This was unecessary", he said. (Yes, it was, douchebag. If your wife had respected the police barricade it would never have happened!)

He continues to say: "I understand the need for crowd control, but this was excessive." Well, clearly it wasn't, since your wife chose to ignore the "suggested" crowd control and required "forced" crowd control to keep her where she was supposed to be!

Again, Miss Ginger really feels sorry that the lady was hurt. And it looks like some plastic surgery will be needed to fix her face, but she is alive and recovering.

And I, for one, am glad the mounted police were there. It could have easily been a child under the wheel of a float, an ordeal I doubt anyone would survive!

Another One Bites the Dust....

TV Pitchman Billy Mays was found dead in his Florida home by his wife. This makes the 5th celebrity death in recent news. Since we all know trouble comes in threes, Miss Ginger asks once again- who will be next? Take the poll on my side bar and make your opinion known!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Might as well get this over with....

Rest in peace, MJ, FF, DC, and EMcM.

Who will be next to join you on that bright red carpet in the sky?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This n that...

This post is random, but so am I sometimes!

It was 104 freekin' degrees in Houston today- a new record! With the heat index, the "feels like" temp was 108!!

Bear with me a bit as I rant again about PrideHouston and the Houston Pride Festival. I read an article where the brain trust from the Pride committee were raving about their FABULOUS festival, with a special "latino" area, a "tranny" section, a health and wellness area, and a place where you can buy food and beer. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point of this festival to bring everyone together? To put us all in one place so we can enjoy a sense of community, and learn more about each other? So WHY THE HELL would you create "sections" at a Pride festival?! And don't give them an "out" (pardon the accidental pun) by saying they are trying to make it easier to enjoy the festival by keeping similar attractions close together- the whole damn festival is only a block long!!! So, just to prove my point, I'm gonna hang my tranny ass out in the latino section all day. I'll show them!

We are getting ready for a "visit" at work. Now, for those of you non-retailers out there, "visits" are when a big whig comes in from the corporate offices to "review our business opporunities" and "see what we need from them to help drive sales." So, we work around the clock replacing light bulbs that have been burnt out for months, cleaning bathrooms with more than a bottle of windex, and putting every piece of merchandise in just the right place. So they can come in and say "What a lovely store! Great job! You don't need anything from us!"
Um, sir, a little payroll would be nice, so I don't have to work my executives around the clock to make this place look so good! Just sayin' !

Miss Ginger is really looking forward to the weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Heil, Burka!

The burka is back in the news, this time because the French government is considering legislation banning it from the country. The opinion of the French president is that it is oppressive, and represents a legal and security risk in a society where it is not required.

Muslim women, on the other hand, argue that the French government is seeking to be the oppressor by preventing them from practicing their preferred religion.

And in news from across the channel, the British government is considering legislation REQUIRING the burka, at least in the case of the Royal Family!


You can stop reading now if that title scares you!

As you may know, Boy Ginger has embarked upon a weight loss regimen. In addition to regulated meals, the program also includes driking copius amounts of water. This, on top of the fact that Boy G takes a diuretic to regulate his blood pressure, leads to numerous trips to the loo, both day and night.

During the day it's not so bad. Thankfully Momma G always taught him to "potty before you leave the house", which is now parlayed into "before you leave the house/store/airport/restaurant/bar/building/premises." Typically, if there's a facility nearby he will make a pit stop, in case there's not one nearby in the next 30 minutes.

Nights are a little worse. He has learned to refrain from too many liquids immediately before bedtime, and can usually make it through the night. Sort of.

See, the problem is, the biology doesn't stop when the Boy is sleeping, and subconciously his body begins to make him aware that it's time to go. So, in his dream, he begins to look for the nearest restroom. Thankfully, he never finds the slumberland toilet, but the dream becomes one of those endless maze nightmares, where he's going from room to room in a strange place, looking for an acceptable relief station. Sometimes, he becomes tempted by uncommon facilities, and has to convince himself "no, a Sri Lankan bathroom can't be THIS different from the ones at home!" Ultimately, he awakens to realize that the bathroom is just steps away, and is "relieved" that it was only a dream!

Well, you can only imagine the nightmares this photo from will cause!

Miss Ginger's Pet Peeves

Here's another one from edder- I just love her!
She listed some pet peeves on her blog and challenged her readers to do the same!

Here we go:
1.- Crusty heels! Either get a PedEgg® and some lotion or don't wear sandals! Your choice!
2.- People who seem to have never used an ATM before in their life!
3.- People who fart on escalators! - I can't escape that cloud, asshat!
4.- When people on elevators speak really loudly to each other in a foreign language because they "assume" I can't understand it.
5.- Dirty bathrooms.
6.-Tube tops. Bonus points for tube top + bedroom slippers.
7.- "Old" men with long hair.
8.- Back fat. Wear a jacket!
9.-People with heavy accents who get frustrated with me because I can't understand them!
10.- Bartenders who can't get a martini to you before the little tiny ice crumbles melt.

What's your peeviest pet peeves?

Happy Pride from Houston, Texas!

Happy Pride from blazing hot Houston, Texas! Miss Ginger is pretty excited to have the week off, but Boy G will be pretty busy with all sorts of pride-filled activities! Of course, the Krewe is participating in the pride parade, but Boy G will be walking with the group from Macy's. He's pretty proud that his employer is so supportive of the community, as they have sponsored a parade entry since they came into the city 4 years ago. The previous owner of our stores would not allow participation in pride events, which always infuriated a lot of us, since so many of the employees were GLBT or at least friends of GLBT. So tonight, we are meeting at Guava Lamp to distribute T-shirts.

Miss Ginger is quite proud that Legacy has been selected by the community as Orginizational Grand Marshall, and it's perfectly fitting for a number of reasons! First, this year's parade and festival coincide with National HIV Testing Day, a nationwide effort to test 1 million Americans in one day. Legacy will be participating in the festival, of course, but they will also open the doors of their nearby clinic to provide free testing on Saturday. Secondly, it kicks of Legacy's capital campaign to raise money to build a new building to consolidate their operations and administration. Currently, they operate out of a network of spaces around the community that are small, inconvenient, and underspaced. The new building will consolidate the offices, educational facilities, and neighborhood clinic into one building, and then the only remote sites will be neighborhood clinics in the areas where the need is greatest.

As I'm sure is the case in most large cities, Houston's Pride celebration is managed and coordinated by a non-profit structured for the purpose. Pride Houston made the very smart decision a few years back to move our parade to a nighttime format, which has done a lot to reduce sunstroke and heatstroke from the participants and spectators. This also enabled them to create a festival during the day, which gives local organizations a forum to react directly with the GLBT community. Unfortunately, IMHO, they have become "too big for their britches" and have priced parade and festival participation way out of reason, without providing the basics likes security and comfort that those funds should cover! Last year there was virtually no crowd control, and spectators constantly swarmed the street to try to collect beads and throws. They require each organization to provide their own "wheel walkers" for motorized entries (which pay a premium fee), but for "walking contingents" (which is all most non-profits can afford) they provide no security at all! And, except for directly outside the festival, or just near the extremely overpriced "VIP grandstands", they provide no porta potties along the parade route. As you can see, Miss G is not particularly proud of the organization that calls itself "Pride Houston". But, she's spread too thin to volunteer with them and take on the changes that need to happen, so she'll just grin and bear it!
Happy Pride and Love to All!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Greed:Very Low
Wrath:Very Low
Envy:Very Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on

So, Miss Ginger took the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz, and, no surprise, she is not particularly sinful. See, the deal is, the quiz really is measuring the things about which an individual feels guilty. Miss G does not have a particularly guilty conscious, so she measured relatively low on the sin scale. Hey, Miss G is all about Karma- she wants to stay on It's good side!
Discover Your Sins - Click Here
Also, Mistress Borghese (hey, Maddie!) published maps of the results, which Miss G found somewhat interesting!
No surprise that greed is most prevelant in the country's most populous areas. This assessment assumes that people came to these areas because they felt that they offered the most opportunity for advancement and personal growth. Does that constitute "greed"? Miss Ginger is not sure about that one!

Next most common sin was pride- again, Miss G is not sure that pride is a sin. Arrogance, maybe. So, is anyone surprised that California, Seattle, and the Eastern Seaboard are the most arrogant parts of the country? Miss G is not. But what Miss G is suprised by is that the Deep South meaured arrogant, while Texas did not. Except for Dallas/Fort Worth, which does compute. Maybe the test is geographically relavant!

Lust isn't a huge surprise to Miss G. The South is notoriously horny! Not sure why South Dakota popped up on that one. Maybe the test was given on a cold winter's night!

The layout of "wrath" is fascinating to Miss G- who knew Louisiana was such an angry state? I guess it does make sense, though, since the folks who originally populated most of the state were essentially evicted from their homeland in Nova Scotia. Not really sure why Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are so angry- do you think they are STILL pissed off because they lost the Civil War? I totally get the red in Mew Mexico- I found it to be a very angry state!

Miss Ginger does find it quite interesting that gluttony and sloth rated so low across the country! I'll bet if you polled Europeans and Asians and asked them about gluttony and sloth in America, you would have a different answer! Miss Ginger, in her limited travels, has found Americans to be some of the most gluttonous and slothful creatures on the planet! They expect to be handed things on a silver platter and feel entitled to freedoms and privleges for which they are not willing to put forth any effort! That's just Miss G's opinion, and she's stickin' to it!

Take the quiz and post the results on your blog!! C'mon! Do it!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting to Know You!

The FABULOUS and gorgeous Edder over at I Don't Care for Your Tone posted a little feature on her blog that Miss Ginger really enjoyed, and she decided to do one as well. BTW- I really liked the way she put this one out there! No lists or emails compelling others to participate, just a little comment that basically said "I enjoyed doing this and you might, too!"
So, here goes:

I CAN'T... well with whiners- STFU and do something about it!
...bear looking at disfigured people. It breaks my heart and makes me squeamish. a guitar. I have tried to learn and it just seemed all backwards!
...maintain an intimate relationship. I always sabotage them. There must be baggage there but I haven't found it yet.
...stand to hear the sound of my own voice!
...cook, sew, craft, and build: all in 4 inch heels if I have to!
...listen to your concerns and offer an outside perspective.
...speak to a crowd, sing in front of others, and generally entertain the masses! a responsible adult when that's what's required.
...rally the cause- either "for" or "against", depending on the situation!

I WON'T... you if you won't help yourself.
...stand in a long line- very few things are as precious to me as time!
...let negative people bring me down. I have had to learn to push them back.
...wash my own car, cut my own grass, or clean my own house. I can do more important things with my time, and these activities provide livelihood to others!
...go to the ends of the world to help you make a better life for yourself!
...always respect the memory of my ancestors.
...fulfill my commitments to the best of my ability.
...listen to your side of the story.

...say "I'll just have one!" I never have just one of anything! so quick to write people off as "not worth my time". so much.
...bite off more than I can chew.
...quit making excuses and get more exercize!
...organize my thoughts with the same focus that I use to organize "things". to my brothers and family more.
...overcome my impatience with politics and get more involved in how I can affect change. something every single day that will make me a better person than I was yesterday!

Now. wasn't that "cleansing" to the soul! Try it yourself if you've a mind to! I look forward to getting to know you better!

Friday, June 19, 2009

At Home in the Heat!

Oh, my God it has been scorching hot lately in Texas!! The last couple of days in Louisiana it was hot and humid, but today when Miss Ginger landed at IAH the heat slapped her in the face like a Dynasty diva when she walked into the parking garage! The temp on the dashboard read 98 degrees, and that was parked in the garage!

We are into the infernal heat of the Texas summer, and it's looking like it's going to be a very dry one! The grounds and gardens of Chez Ginger look okay due to the sprinkler system, but driving around town, the grass on the side of the road and in the parks is turning dry, brown, and crunchy! So depressing! And the heat is so oppressive, Miss G can't even get from the house to the car without schvitzing her face off!

So, Miss G will spend most of the weekend at home chillaxing with the kitties. There is a krewe workshop tomorrow, which will be hideously hot, and then tomorrow night is Mona Lott's Over the Rainbow show at Tony's Corner Pocket, so Miss G has to paint a face for that. It's a 8pm, so it anyone wants to brave the heat, come on by and cheer us on!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miss Ginger Weighs in on World Politics!

Today Miss Ginger saw a bunch of Iranian nationals protesting outside of the Galleria in response the the election results in their homeland. From what I can gather, they feel that the winner of the election "stole" the election and that it was not a fair vote. Their slogan was "where is my vote?" which I didn't really understand, since when they came to the United States, I'm pretty sure they gave up the right to vote in elections in their native country.
And while Miss G respects the right of all to free speech, she's not really sure how they think a demonstration outside a ritzy shopping mall in Houston, Texas is going to do much to change the state of politics in their homeland. I mean, really, what will waving signs at the passing Benz's of the big-haired River Oaks ladies leaving Neiman-Marcus do to help the cause? They were also doing this in REALLY bad traffic, as it was 5:30pm and most certainly everyone whizzing past the Galleria at that time was much more focused on happy hour than they were at changing world politics. In Houston, we are used to dodging the ocassional homeless beggar with our cars; not so much mobs of screaming Iranians. It was all quite disturbing and made Miss G wish she had not vowed to give up pinot grigio. She really could have used a glass when she got home!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Mark in DE over at Tales of the Sissy posted a link to this video on his blog and it was so great I had to lift it! Check it out!

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's That Time of Year!

It's that time of year when everyone is celebrating pride, coming together, and raising money for their favorite organizations! You just never know WHERE Miss Ginger is going to show up this time of year, because there are so many shows and invites she can't possibly be at everything! But here are a few events where there's a REALLY good chance you will at least catch a glimpse of her!

First, Alex Stroud, Candidate for Mr. Mint Julep 2009, is having a show this Saturday night (tomorrow!), 8pm, at Tony's Corner Pocket. Miss Ginger just HAS to be there for him, because Mr. Alex has worked his adorable ass off raising money for the Mint Julep Franchise this year, and tomorrow night is just another example. Plus, Miss G is totally crushing on him, even though he has a BF. (She's quite the homewrecker! Not!) And plus plus, after the show, as always on Saturday night, Tony's will have dick dancers, aka penis prancers, aka male strippers, and that's always good for an ogle or 2! Won't be the same with Mamie, Maddie, and the rest of the trannies, but it will still be a fun time!
Then, on Sunday, June 13th, the Board of Directors of ERSICSS has a show at EJ's, 2517 Ralph at Westheimer, to raise money for Legacy Community Health Services. You can be pretty sure Miss Ginger will be there as well because: A: it's a benefit for Legacy, B: she's always there for her friends from ERSICSS, C: she will have already shaved her netherlands from the night before, and D: the bartenders at EJ's are usually shirtless and handsome! How many more reasons does a girl need to put on a face and heels and strut out in style!

The next weekend, on Saturday, June 20th, Candidate for Miss Mint Julep Mona Lott hosts a show at Tony's Corner Pocket entitled "Over the Rainbow!". The ever colorful Miss Mona is sure to have a show that will wow and amaze us!

But, the month's not up yet! On Friday, June 26th, the PWA Holiday Charities are presenting a show at Tony's Corner Pocket. 8pm on a Friday is a great time to be out and about, and the Holiday Charities always put on a great show for a great cause!

The summer draws near it's close as we present the Mr., Ms., and Miss Mint Julep Contest, Sunday, July 19th, 2:30pm at the Brazos River Bottom. This year's show should be extra FABULOUS with a new venue, new performers, and some great candidates who have really worked hard this year to raise money for Legacy! If you only see one drag show a year, this is the one to see!

So keep an eye out for Miss G when you're out and about in H-town the summer! Be sure to tip her, and when you do, be sure to tell her "I'm a GingerSnap!"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'll NEVER Get to Work Today!

The GingerSnaps are leaving such FABULOUS posts that are giving me GREAT ideas for things that I simply MUST get them written before Boy G goes to work! I hope he's not late!

Zombie Mom over at Purses and Poop posted a pic of an adorable hat she knitted on the trip to NYC. Check out her notes and more adorable pics here.

It SO made me think of my late mother! My mother was an AVID knitter! All of my life, I remember her hauling yarn and needles everywhere we went! In the car, at our endless parade of ball games (there were 5 of us!), in waiting rooms, at PTA meetings- everywhere, Momma's hands were busied with her needles and yarn. Beautiful stuff! And always a conversation starter for her, as people always inquired about her project. When we were kids, there were lots of acrylic stocking caps and afghans, but as she got older and money could be spent on things other than college, as daddy travelled the US on business and they travelled the world together, she sought out and found beautiful wools, cashmeres, and other fibers that she collected without even knowing what she would make. "I'll NEVER be able to buy Scottish wool IN SCOTLAND again!", I remember her exclaiming.

After Daddy died, and her life slowed down a bit, I never worried about her getting bored, and she didn't! She had turned the old nursery into a craft room, and my old toy closet was the yarn closet, filled with potential sweaters, afghans, and more.

When the grandkids were born, she had to "shift gears" a bit and purchase more yarn in pastel and primary colors, in order to be able to knit booties and caps, then larger and larger sweaters as the kids grew up. I'm not sure if the kids appreciated those items as much as she appreciated the chance to make them!

Sometimes, when I would visit, Momma would send me to the craft room to fetch a ball of yarn or a set of needles for her, and I would always come back and tell her-"you'd better sit there and knit your little fingers to the bone, because you've got enough yarn in there to last 3 lifetimes, and you're not getting any younger!" That joke always made her laugh, even though I told it like a million times!

One morning in 2002, as I was getting dressed for work, the phone rang and it was my brother Arthur. "Are you sitting down?" "No." "Well, sit down." "Okay, sitting". "Momma had a stroke." "Where is she?" "Memorial Hospital ICU". "I'll be there in 2 1/2 hours".

That was the conversation. I jumped into my truck, balling, and hit the road to fly home on the trip I had made SO MANY times in my life. Houston to Lake Charles. Boring drive. I know it like the back of my hand. It was like a comfort zone to me. The road home.

But not this time. I had no idea what I was driving myself into. Arthur, who had had a laryngectomy by this point in his life, had trouble talking on the telephone. And in distress, it was even worse. So rather than trying to get him to hash through the conditions, the prognosis, etc over the phone, I just jumped in the car to save time.

That was the longest 2 hours of my life. Why, oh why had I not asked how she was? It's okay, I told myself. If she's in ICU she's still alive. She's in the hospital. They can make it better there!

I went straight to the hospital, and spent the day there. It was not good. She could not talk, or open her eyes, but she seemd to smile a bit when I touched her face and spoke to her. I KNOW she knows I was there! The baby she brought into the world was there to see her out of it.

She seemed settled for the night, so we worked out shifts to stay with her, so others could rest. We had no idea what we were in for, but we expected a long haul. Arthur, of course, insisted on having the first night. I went to her house for the first time since the ordeal to try to rest.

Walking into my childhood home, I was and was not prepared for what I walked into. My entrance was normal enough, and as soon as I opened the door, I smelled that distinctive, 40 year old house fragrance that says "I'm home". As I walked through the kitchen to her chair, I was not prepared for what I found next. There, all over the floor in the family room, was the carnage the EMT's had left behind in their attempts to resucitate and stabilize her. My heart sank as I looked at all the pastic packages, swaps, tubes, and paper that had wrapped and held sterile the implements they used to try to save her life. I fell to my knees, and began collecting them up and discarding them into the trash can that always sat by her chair. And there, on the floor, where her feet would have been, was her knitting. A green tweed tube, to become a sweater, I think. Probably for Arthur. She always knitted greens for him.

After she died, I tried long and hard to find a good home for the yarn. It was good stuff, and I wanted to give it to an accomplished knitter who would make beautiful things from it. We found a coworker whose mother knits, and as I was packing it up to send it away, I found 2 shopping bags at the back of the closet. I pulled them out, and marvelled at the tiny, little bitty hats and booties she had knitted with the smallest scraps of yarn. I called to Arthur- "come look at this!" "Why did Momma knit all these doll clothes?" I asked. "Meredith is way too old for dolls now!" I was amazed at the amount of detail on the tiny little garments!

"George", Arthur said, "Those are for the preemies." He had a hard time with p-r sounds, so I wasn't sure I heard right. "The preemies? What preemies? We don't have any preemies in the family, and I don't think we're expecting any!"

"The preemies at the hospital", he replied. "What hospital?", I asked, trying not to become exasperated at his broken speech. "Arthur, you're not making any sense."

He took a deep breath and explained "George, Momma saved up her scraps and knitted these little tiny hats and booties for the babies at the hospital. When they are born, the regular hats and booties are too big, so she makes these little tiny ones so they won't fall off. And she makes these little mitttens to keep them from scratching their faces. Look, they don't have thumbs, because she can't knit a thumb that small!"

Oh, my God, I started balling! That was the sweetest thing I had ever heard! I couldn't believe she had never told me about her little preemie project!

He continued to explain. "When she had a sack full of them, she would take them up to the hospital and give them to the nurses. I always drove her up. They were always so glad to get them. You should take these up there when you can."

I wanted to keep them SO BADLY because they were so cute, but what would I do with 50 little doll hats. Besides, they were for the preemies, and that's who she wanted to have them!

But I couldn't do it! I coudn't stop crying long enough to get there, and I KNEW if I went there with them I would end up blabbering like an idiot!

So, when my best friend's mother came to check on me that night, I gave her the preemie clothes to take to the hospital. After a good cry together, she said she would be proud to take them for me!

So, every time I think about knitting, or yarn, or preemies, I think of Momma. It feels good now.

What is she Thinking?!

Nutwood Beth posted a commentary about the opportunistic nature of the papparazzi and how they can isolate a suspended "moment in time" and make up a backstory to it that is often unflattering and hurtful. She cited the case of the French media blasting Michelle Obama as being "difficult", based on this unflattering snapshot.

While I agree with Beth wholeheartedly, the picture IS an amusing accident, and although I promised Beth I wouldn't, I simply HAVE to caption it with a thought bubble that says "gurl- I will CUT you!"

But then, that's not so original, either. So I leave it to you, dear GingerSnaps! Go for it! Leave and comment and fill in the blanks! Put the words in the First Lady's mouth and tell us: "what IS she thinking?"

50! 50! 50! A Golden Moment

The FABULOUS Blog of Miss Ginger Grant now has 50 followers!!! Woohoo! Welcome, Behrmark, you handsome devil you! As the 50th follower, you win a toaster oven!
Oh, wait, you probably already have one!
Well, you have won the heart of this ole drag queen, anyway!
Hope you all enjoy your time here!

By the way, GingerSnaps, Behrmark just started a blog of his own, so check out Behr Blather and give him a look-see!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pics from the RoundUP!

Many thanks to my dear friend at Str8upwithatwist for these fabulous pics from the RoundUP show last night! Not only did he get this great pic of Miss Ginger in her cowgirl getup, he got a pic of Miss Ginger's momma, Mrs. Edna Grant, whom Miss Ginger had invited to come explain the numeric concept of "rounding" to the audience. She's a third grade school teacher, so Miss G figured she would be great at explaining. Not so much! In hindsight, Miss G probably shouldn't have taken her momma out to a bottomless mimosa brunch before the show. I think the poor dear confused the audience more than educated them!

Anyway, here's Edna with our dear friend Str8upwithatwist! Be sure to check out his blog and see the rest of the pics here!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miss Ginger's RoundUP was a FABULOUS Success!

Miss Ginger and Boy Ginger are TRULY humbled by the outpouring of support from their friends for tonight's RoundUP show! This first time ever event raised $5,000 for Legacy Community Health Services, and corporate matches will bring the total to $10,000!! From a Drag Show!
Miss Ginger is truly touched, and so honored to have a group of friends as loving, giving, and generous as you! In these tough economic times, Miss G feels it's more important than ever for those of us who have jobs to support Legacy, so healthcare will be available to those less fortunate. Nothing feels better than good karma, except perhaps knowing that your friends all "pay it forward" as well! Karma breeds karma, and it's great to be in such good company!
I want to thank everyone who mailed in checks, came to the show and tipped, or bought tables to support the cause! I especially want to thank the performers, those tireless souls who give their weekends, every weekend, raising money, one dollar at a time, to ensure people from all walks of life can recieve the dignified healthcare that everyone deserves!
here's a shout out to Marcia Mink Anne Gill and JP Gill, former Mint Juleps and the reigning monarchs of ERSICSS who took time from their busy realm to support 'lil ole Miss Ginger! Falcon and Scott, who always come up to support the cause! Aaron Patterson, the reigning Mr. Mint Julep, and Keith Nappier, co-founder of the Mint Julep Organization! Vixen Deveraux Morehead and Mona Lott, candidates for Miss Mint Julep 2009; Susan Hayes, candidate for Ms. Mint Julep 2009; and Alex Stroud, candidate for Mr. Mint Julep 2009. Oh, and I almost forgot the new candidate who announced at tonight's show, Gear Shift who will challenge Alex for the title of Mr. MJ!
I also have to thank my co-emcee, Holly Redwood! We should do a sister act, girl!
Miss Ginger also wants to thank the board and staff at Legacy for all they do to support our community! Working in the non-profit world is tough, because you never walk away from the need, and the desire to help! Just like the performers, they are out there every weekend, representing Legacy and interacting with the community- "off the clock", so to speak! You guys are there for the community every bit at much as the performers are, and I for one want to publicly say "thanks!"
And finally, thanks to Sonna and her darling sweetie Denise! I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for them, and they helped make Miss Ginger the gurl she is today! Love ya!
Love to all, and thanks again for your support!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Miss Ginger's RoundUp is Almost Here!

Miss Ginger is enjoying a quiet night at home after 3 days of business travel- exhausting business travel! She's taking it easy tonight, and then tomorrow she's got to get stuff ready for the RoundUp show on Sunday!
Lot's to do, since she has put off finding an outfit! She needs to go to a western wear store, which could be a bit intimidating, but hopefully she can get the lesbians to go with her! They won't look as conspicuous as Miss G will picking through racks of women's western attire!
She's also making some of her famous grub, since the only thing better than a drag queen is a drag queen who can cook! There's gonna be pork tenderloin and lotsa sides for those who are hongry! The party starts at 3pm and we'll get the show going around 4pm. Lots of people are out of town this weekend, so if you're in town, Miss G REALLY needs your support for this one! Our goal is to raise at least $8,000 for Legacy, and we really think we can make it happen! Come to the show to learn about Miss Ginger's "Fun With Math" episode, and bring your handful of ones, which will turn into a handful of 2's when you walk through the door! Funny thing about this magic math, though. It only work's on the money you drop into the tip bucket!
It's at the BRB this Sunday! Email Miss G at if you need more info!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't Eat the Dead Ones!

Here we are in Baton Rouge, and all we want is some boiled crawfish, and we can't find any ANYWHERE!!!!!

Actually, we are coming to the end of the season (crawfish boils are an Easter thang!) but some places still have them. We went to a little place for dinner called Parrain's, because we were told they had boiled crawfish. But guess what. They didn't! But, it was a really enjoyable evening, and Miss G kinda stuck to her diet by eating a dozen roy erstas (raw oyters) and a shrimp remoulade, which was delish. And, we were sitting by a window that overlooked the porch, and there was a little teeny tiny baby kitty playing out there and he was SOOOOOOOOO cute! I totally wanted to catch him and keep him, but he was waaaaaaay too skitterish and would have none of that!

By the way, Parrain (say pah-'ranh) is Cajun French for "grandfather", so it reminded Miss G that someday she shall have to post pics of her Parrain and Marrain, but they are on the computer at home, (the pictures, not the grandparents!) so that will have to be later!

So, during our crawfishless dinner, we decided that tomorrow we would have a 3 hour workday, and then go have crawfish and beer for lunch, then make the hour drive back to New Orleans to catch our flight back to Houston! Well, of course, the late Momma G is looking down upon her child from the heavens to remind him that beer for lunch in Baton Rouge before a drive to New Orleans is dangerous and illegal. But, since she's dead and can't talk, she just insured that there is not one singe restaurant in all of East or West Baton Rouge parish that serves boiled crawfish for lunch- I called them all! That's just the way Momma G rolls! You gotta love it!

Anyho, we'll still cut out early and eat something, and I'll bet by 2pm there will be a bloody mary or 2 at the little bar near gate D-3, because they are so awesome!

Oh, and as for the title of this post- "Don't Eat the Dead Ones!" It's kinda of a standing "joke" in South Louisiana to tell first-time crawfish eaters "don't eat the dead ones!" They kinda go "huh?", because, of course, after being boiled, they are all dead! Of course, within a 40lb bag of wriggling live crustaceans, there are sure to be some "casualties", but it's way too laborious to try to pick out the ones who didn't survive. Plus, how do you tell if they are dead or just resting? So, you dump them all in the boiling water and hope for the best! But after they are cooked, the little tails curl up on on the fresh, live ones, and anything that went into the water dead cooks up limp and straight. So, everytime someone picks up a straight one, someone always says "don't eat the dead one!" They are spoiled and not fit to eat, so they are trown into the "burial pile" with the rest of the shells! Ya see, you never throw away crawfish shells- it would stink up the garbage something awefull! No, you dig a hole in the back yard and bury them so they return to the earth. At our house, first one up had to dig the hole. Man, we could sleep late after a crawfish boil!
Who's up for a crawfish boil at Miss Ginger's next year? Start saving your plane fare! Boy G will start digging the hole!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reader's Digest Condensed Version!

Sometimes at work when someone goes into "detail overload", the Boss will say "just give me the Reader's Digest Condensed version." Remember those odd books from the 60's and 70's that had like 4 titles "abridged" into one bound edition, so presumably one could read 4 books in the time it would normally take to read one. Momma G had hundreds of them!

Anyho, since everyone is SOOOO busy catching up after DDBW, I thought as a public service I would hit the highlights of what everyone is up to!

Miss Alaineus contemplates contentment and knock knock jokes,
Joy has a new passport photo,
and edder has fun with geometry (calculus?).

In world/political news:
Nutwood Beth makes a call to arms to totally jam the right-wing's anti-gay poll (Go, Beth Ann!),
Wonder Man outs the right wing oppressors,
Bob gives props to Hillary and drops on Obama,
and Dan remembers those lost in the Air France disaster.

And finally, in news from the Bunny Nation:

Zombie Mom sucked the memory out of everyone's cameras,
TrannyBeth continues her "dehomosexualization" exercizes (Dr. Eve, I don't thank this is WORKIN'!- GingerSnaps to the 'snap who ID's the source of that quote!),
Mark in DE posts his first round of DDBW pics,
Kailyn continues her attempt to detox,
and, Dust Bunnies, I regret to imform you that our dear
David Dust has lost touch with the world, suffering perhaps tragic data loss in his PC. He thinks it has a virus, but lets all just hope it's only hung over like the rest of us!
I leave you with 2 remaining pics- 1st, a rare and previously unpublished sighting of the elusive jotophurnalist, In'Ja:

and, at the request of my DARLING DD, a slightly retouched version of a previously published photo, focusing attention on the most important elements of the image. I hope you enjoy:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Did You Happen to Notice...

Don't know if this is just a coincidence but....

2007 - Chinese year of the Chicken - Bird Flu Pandemic devastates parts of Asia 2008 -

2008- Chinese year of the Horse - Equine Influenza decimates Australian racing 2009 -

2009 Chinese year of the Pig - Swine Flu Pandemic kills hundreds of pigs around the globe.

Has any one else noticed this?

It gets worse........ next year...... 2010 -

Chinese year of the Cock !



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