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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Terrible Idea...

this time from those clever(?) Japanese?

At the Tokyo equivalent of Petsmart, you can place your dog in a dog washing machine, start the the cycle, and 30 minutes later fido emerges clean, happy, and healthy!

Miss Ginger just has to declare that this torture chamber smacks of animal cruelty! I mean, really! Locked in a chamber for 30 minutes while you are blasted with water, suds, more water, and then hot air?? Even Jackson and Shelby agree that no doggie deserves that!
Where is the humane society? SPCA? PETA??!! Anybody?!!
If you MUST see this monstrosity in action, follow this link! Miss G can't bear to watch it again!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

That is horrible :o)

Mr.Mischief said...

I couldn't watch the whole video-that is truly disturbing, and I got pissed when I heard the woman LAUGHING at the dog wanting right back out...she needs to be put in the machine and see how funny that is.

Darla said...

i agree. i saw this on the news this morning. i too am appalled. those Japanese people are small... i'll bet mr.mischief could get one in there easily!
now that's a reason to laugh!

Wonder Man said...

that's scary

behrmark said...

I won't watch the clip because it'll either make me angry, depressed, sad, or all of the above. I detest anyone who harms an animal. Are you sure it's not just a hoax video?

Anonymous said...

G-Our doxie's would not be happy. I agree, very cruel. MBC

mistress maddie said...

Oh that's awful! Don't you think a poor dog could possibly drown? If I was a dog and got out of there Id' bite the shit out of my owner! And then piss on the damn machine!


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