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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mind Melded...

....and uber-connected! The technically deficient Miss Ginger, with the help of her even less technically savvy sister, have finally gotten Miss G up and running on twitter!!!

Since Boy Ginger already has facebook covered, she figured she would tackle twitter herself! I mean, if this queen and this queen can do it, surely so can she!

And, while still in the testing phase, she thinks she has made this plethora of useless information that she shares totally interconnected- a sort of mind-meld of all things Ginger! If it works, her blog will post automatically to facebook and twitter, and she'll be able to twit her twat wherever she is!!!

But all you blogger folks please remember to come back to blogger and comment! Nothing warms the cockles of an old gurl's heart like a friendly comment on her blog! And these days, Miss G's cockles don't get much other warmin', if ya git ma drift!

BTW, all the links you need to follow Miss G around the galaxy are pulled together very neatly in the tool bar under the header! Just click the link "Follow Miss Ginger" and choose the mind-numbing electronic social network of your choice!

So, GingerSnaps, tweet me!!! Hopefully I can figure out how to answer!!!


David Dust said...

It is lovely seeing you on Twatter these days.


kayce. said...

welcome to the twitterverse! ^_^

Howard said...

Nice to see you on Twitter, babe.


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