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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big Girl with a Big Grill!

And it's getting a major workout today!

Boy Ginger's boss, knowing that he lives with such a charitable soul, put him in charge of the District's March of Dimes campaign! So, Boy G volunteered that charitable soul to make her famous brisket and ribs Bar B Que to sell for $10 a plate. As you can see, there's hardly an inch of space in the ole grill, with ribs braising in their sauce, sauages steaming in beer, a big beef brisket, and a big pot of "semi-homemade" sauce the slather on all of it!

Miss Ginger would rather be sewing, but it IS for a worthy cause, and she's such a sucker for those!


kayce. said...

looks DEE-LISH!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Nummy, hope there is enough for everyone!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

what a compliment to your cooking skills, that your boss knows you have the talent to not only make food for that many peeps but to also make it taste good as hell!


i wish i was there so i could give you a chand!

Kailyn said...

"Semi-homemade sauce"? Please explain. Oh, and you must have read my mind. Yum.

David Dust said...

OMG - You have made me so hungry for "boarbeque" now. I'll have to consult my takeout menus...


Dan said...

i can smell it all the way over here! yum!


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