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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Usually Full of Cougars....

When the news today reported that a "bobcat" had been spotted in a dowtown parking garage, Miss Ginger figured "someone's brown kitty musta got out! Lucky mine's too lazy to walk downtown and doesn't have enough money for the bus!"

As it turns out, it was a real bobcat, like this one! I know it looks all cuddly and cute, but that's 30 pounds of hungry, wild cat that's not used to being around people! Apparently, they are native to the outlying areas around here, and it is suspected that he wandered in along the bayous and found a cozy spot to spend the night! They had to tranquelize it to safely remove him, and he has since been relocated to a state park nearby.
Now, Miss Ginger loves her some kitties... but she's pretty sure she'd soil her bloomers if she ever encountered one of these things heading to her car on the way home from work!!


David Dust said...

I'm glad Nog didn't run into that big kitty!!


Mr.Mischief said...

Thirty pounds of pissy cat? Hell, Mrs Miss A has the same thing right here in the house and shes never been on the news!

Coelha :B said...

These kitty cats are too cuddley! Be careful! Julie

MadeInScotland said...

in the uk we dont have cougars


should we?


Miss Ginger Grant said...

MIS: It's kind of a double entendre..

in the US a cougar is:

1. a kind of large, wild cat
2. a car model made by Mercury Motors.
3. an older woman who seeks to date younger men.

I'm sure you have #3 in the UK- you may just have a different name for them!


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